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Time to start editing!

(said like Richard Dawson in The Running Man)

(Turns out, I say a lot of things like that.)

So yesterday, I finished Wings. Which worked out exactly how I planned it…
which, IMO, is THE PERFECT ROMCOM this side of Playing It Cool.
I am over the moon thrilled with it!


But there isn’t too much time to celebrate.
I’m considering #PitchWars at the end of February with this one. (And if Wings doesn’t fly there, then Wattpad, this blog, and tumblr it is!)
Mostly because I deem it that perfect timeline and content wise. I really wouldn’t change a thing about it.
But I still have to venture into edit h-e-double-hockey-sticks…

…because I know, the faster I type–on this story some days I’d get almost six thousand words done before the afternoon hit–the more I know my word selection sucks, the more I tend to repeat things, the more it needs to be fixed.

My typical game plan is getting tossed out of the window.

I’m not going to read it from beginning to end as I edit. I already know it from beginning to end and am in love. If I start reading it, in order, I’m going to wind up reading it instead of concentrating on the edits I need to do. (see also Human Touch and Love, Darrows.) I don’t have the time to for a full read through until it’s a few days out from #PitchWars. So I’m going to randomly choose a chapter or two or three a day and concentrate on the edits. And hopefully I’ll get the manuscript done in time.

Otherwise, it will be ready for online publishing in some format by the end of February!

I’m über excited about this one!!! Okay…one more happy dance!!!


Hurry up and read it, kiTT! I wanna talk about  it!!! And, please, let me know if you hates, too.


Oh, Rick’s Chick and kiTT…you know that A&M gif has me thinking of McClane chunking the ball to Jaden for that last-minute win, right?


The post is filed under editing hell.

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Aaaaaannnnnndddddd…I’m done!!!

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH The stress of it all!!!

I didn’t think I’d make it. For the past week and a half, I’ve been banging my head…

Thanks to Windows 10…which installed and worked great for like fifteen minutes…until it decides I need to restart and update everything  else on my computer. Then all it would do is flicker…the screen, anything I clicked for two minutes until I couldn’t move the arrow any more…the arrow keys weren’t working…And I had to restore my computer to an old point.

Then Word was having issues. And the doc I had saved and formatted wasn’t right anymore. It wouldn’t let me edit the doc saying it was locked. Meaning Windows 10 locked it? Or it thought I was someone else after install? I don’t know. Fine. I copied and pasted from a copy I had on file on my separate hard drive. The problem was, it was PDF and Word wouldn’t let me format that…Which I have done a zillion times before…but not this time.

And I had already sent in my PitchWars application…Like midnight the night before all this death and dismemberment happened. And I freaked out! I uninstalled and unregistered Word. Reinstalled and re-registered Word. I still couldn’t copy and paste, but I got the formatting to work again. I had no options left. It was either re-type in case a PitchWars Mentor chooses me or forfeit and pull Darrows from the competition.

Really, there was no choice. SO I’ve spent every day of the last week or so typing all 89,927 words into the proper format, ignoring all Twitter accounts, all emails…everyone. Although, I will say I had to take a few breaks every evening. I wound up doing research for a new story. And cried because I was worried I wouldn’t be finished in time. And cried because I hated ignoring everyone.

But I’m done! I can dance and celebrate and enjoy the stress of waiting on the PitchWars choices…Come, dance with me!!!

Also complete this past week:

  • The gross stage of going shampooless. I won’t ever use that awesome-smelling, frothy concoction ever again. My hair has never been better.
  • Cleaning off my desk–which was a major chore in itself…as in it hasn’t been cleaned off and organized in a year.
  • School shopping
  • Four über important calls including one to the garbage company about a $400 bill. O.o! Yeah. Turns out they coded my bill wrong. It’s fixed now. Heart attack averted.
  • Shoe shopping
  • Found a pair of Captain America socks for girls…for me, even if they are pink.
  • Named all the spiders in my life. Gave them super hero identities and mortal enemies.
  • Lament my dog today on National Dog Day. Love you Winston D Dog!!!

It’s been a productive week and a half or so. I feel like I can breathe again. My hands aren’t suffering through a severe case of the shakes anymore. And I am going to celebrate and watch some movies–a fangirl’s job is never done–and try to imagine the PitchWars wait time ending with a fantastic bang in the form of:

I’d like to see more Darrows.


**gifs found on

***Windows 10 is so not for me. I’ll keep my 7, thank you.

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Pitch Wars Mentee Bio:

Typically, I don’t follow the herd on anything. Yet, as I’ve read through the mentor bios, I’ve discovered Mentee bios…and I think it’s a great idea. Get to know me (in case one of you all google me during your decision process…) as I’ve read about you in your bio.

About Me:

Okay, not that long ago…and really it’s all on the same planet, I decided to take things I’ve written and get them published, optioned, whatever.

I’ve completed both YA and adult stories, plenty of contemporary, a dystopian, a retelling (the story I’m submitting in PitchWars this time), paranormal (as in ghost related and not supernatural like vamps and weres), RomComs, and quite a few screenplays. A few of these are series–including the one I’m submitting to you, a duology. I write LGBTQ, CIS, diverse, & unique characters and situations.

About the story I am submitting:

Believe it or not, I had the whole thing done in the crawl generator…and I tried to share it, but the links were broke. It wouldn’t email. Even the twitter links weren’t working. So I screen capped my crawl. It’s not the same. Especially when you lack the music to go along with it…*heavy sigh* It was so awesome, too!

Now for the nitty-gritty:

BOOKS? Yes please!

I read almost everything. Mostly YA.
My favorite YAs: Winger, Divergent/Four, Fangirl, Twilight’s Eclipse,  Mac/Beth , a few of the Harry Potters
My Favorite Non-YA: The Night Circus, Between the Lines, What’s Your Number?/20 Times a Lady, and so many more…some I can’t list here in case little eyes are around.

My favorite movies are easier to answer: What’s Your Number?, Playing it Cool, & Before We Go. And Back to the Future…and Goonies…Ferris Bueller and Star Wars…really I like anything with a good immersive tale, but those are specifically the ones I’ve watched a million times over.

Music is necessary: I like musical scores more than songs I can sing too. And please don’t ask me to dance to any of it…Because I am just that awkward…

And seriously. Awkward in movement is entirely…accurate. At the beginning of July, I broke my finger walking up the front walk…my phone didn’t die though… It hasn’t stopped me from typing up a storm, either.

I love to laugh. My humor holds an age rage like a Lego set: Ages 5 – 105.

If you look up FanGirl in the dictionary, my image is there. I’m in my Captain America t-shirt, showing off my Star Wars (Han Solo related) Tattoo, while holding up my comic con badge, smiling behind purple glasses…
see also, NerdGirl, GeekGirl.

I do love a good crossover. The BFF IRL related me to Pixar recently…and I LOVE that compliment. Everything I’ve written is connected in some way, though the stories are unrelated overall.

And (like the “you all” above) I tend to stick to almost Texan when I write. It’s not intentional…just ingrained from my time in Texas.

*editing to add* : I can’t believe I forgot my Britishisms…meaning you’ll most likely see a word spelled our used as though I’ve lived in England. I haven’t visited anywhere in the UK yet…it just happens naturally.

The most important thing to know:


Nope. Work doesn’t deter me. Tough honest comments won’t upset me…I mean, how else will I learn what’s right and what’s wrong? Okay, I’ll beam and shine with a compliment, but you tell me when something is just rotten…a description or the way something is phrased. I want that feedback. I need it.

Why chose me?

Well, I am sure everyone has said I’m a hard worker and this is important to them…and I can say the same. But I will add that I have queried this story and had a few agents read the whole MS only to say no. I want to know why. I want to improve what my blind authoring eyes see as perfection. I want an agent to say YES. That’s currently my writing/authoring/querying goal. And I am willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

So, Mentors [and my lovely blog readers] if you’ve read this, thank you. I appreciate the time you’re taking to read through more of the random blathering I tend to do on this blog. Just the fact you’re here, I am honored.

Is it weird I look like her since I got my haircut? I promise I’m not an evil orphanage house mother.


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Mr. Holland’s Opus

Anyone remember that movie?

It came out about the same time as Powder.

Both movies made me weep crocodile tears and kill off about thirty trees’ worth of tissues. They’re both one of those movies that I could only watch once, but I remember vividly and has yet to leave my mind.

Anyway…That’s the reference. The actual story for this post is this: I’ve decided that Human Touch may very well be my Mr. Holland’s Opus, but instead of creating the most beautiful piece of music, I’m trying to create a saga type tale along Harry Potter lines, minus the wizards, add ghosts, demons, but still witchery and religion mingling in a rom com YA.

Yeah, I still need a lot of work on finding the perfect genre for this sweeping series of stories that I would love to finish, that I want to share with other people, that I know is supposed to be out there in the universe somewhere rather than sitting in various Word docs and Scrivener files…and sitting in my brain.

This story has been ___ years in the making. The story idea started in my head in 2010, written out in a short “Note to Self” post-it on my computer–a literal post-it stuck to the laptop lid. 2011 it was a passing thought as I couldn’t figure out the story, the hook. 2012 it clicked when I was at Comic Con…and I was literally seven to ten people (depending if I let the others in my group go before me or after me) away from meeting someone while camping out for the Thursday Hall H opener. And after, I sat thinking, as most of the line was going to sleep…this is how my ghost would feel if this guy just missed her. She would be super bummed, like it should happen, but she’s a fracken ghost in love with a human…

And everything just became a waterfall. Possible names. Possible places. Events that go on in a high school senior’s life, things my ghost would have missed out on, the things that have changed from the 1980s to the (then) present day of 2012.

And this tale started spilling onto journal pages decorated with birds and trees. And when I had a rough plan, I began to type and type and type. Through tired fingers, tired brains, and temporary carpal tunnel as I’ve never typed that much before in a single sitting. Nikki and McClane came to life. The only thing I didn’t have, was an ending. Did I want to go typical HEA or did I want to go with reality?

I opted for HEA with a twist, leading to another book, then another, then another, then plans for two more just on their story, plans on four others for stories of other characters, then the alternate ending story which, truthfully is a book within itself (and almost completed in first draft now).

Spring 2013 – I had the first three books of Human Touch series typed. I call this first half of the series my baby, though it’s been said to never call it that. But in my eyes, it is. July to April to complete the three (very long) books in first draft. Nine long, learning filled months. The amount of time for a baby to grow and be born. My baby.

Fall 2013 – The first work was edited and formatted and re-written…a few times…then voila! I considered her done. Researched queries…which admittedly is still a weak point of mine…and sent them out. No after no. I’ve had about four personalized noes, feels like a thousand form noes, and a few that said it was great, but the genre was falling apart and they were taking less Paranormal Romance YA…which, this truly is being about ghosts…not that Vampire/Werewolf stuff they say is Paranormal. (THOSE ARE SUPERNATURAL!)

So fine. I put it away for a bit. Made some changes. Wound up expanding on the story. to over 150,000 words…and it still doesn’t cover everything.

And after taking out what was considered “non-essential” I had it down to 126,000…but it lost so much to me. Nikki’s personality was gone. Events that run through all six books, some through three, gone. Nothing made sense anymore. I hated it.

Summer 2014 – Queried that version. Again, the same amount of noes. pretty much just like that first list. So I put it away. Very far away. I even have drafts in a folder labeled: NEVER LOOK AT THESE AGAIN

Seriously. Those drafts are horrible. I hate them, but I refuse to delete them. Reminders of how terribly things can go wrong when writing.

Fall 2014 – Started another series, Love, Darrows. (As if I hadn’t written Last Man Standing, Life Imitating Art, Life Inspiring Art, and an untitled novella in there.) And it took a while to find my style and voice. I am pithy. I am also very verbose. (150,000 + words for one book!…*looking at Order of the Phoenix and wondering the comparison on that.*) I don’t like info dumps, though everyone critiquing my story (except the BFF and someone whose opinion on writing I trust more than Honest Abe) kept harping on show don’t tell. But I was showing. Maybe not in long-winded descriptions like most authors seem to do, like most agents seem to like as these books/stories are published. I think it detracts from the story. (see also The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo) I think describing bits and pieces that are important works with all of the events going on in the story. You’re getting the story. You’re getting the descriptions. You don’t need to know that McClane is in a western style shirt that is blue plaid with small black lines broken up with white and a t-shirt under that came from some band Nikki thinks is fake because Thirty Seconds to Mars makes no sense, though DeLoreans going 88 mph to time travel makes perfect sense, and how those items pair well with his tight denim jeans then the boots, cowboy not work, but I’ve seen some places where even the color of the shoelaces have been described just to paint the complete picture.

I hate it.

So it would go with me that Nikki would notice the worn jeans that are just right tight. She would jaw drop at those old boots of his, as though he’s been riding out on the range all day and is just now swooping into town all dusty. But then they talk… He says, “Hey, Kitten. You ready?” as “Hi, Cowboy,” wisps from her in a quiet breath. She can’t think of an answer to the rest. That hours later, during a hug, Thirty Seconds to Mars must make some great music. That t-shirt has been worn a thousand times, because it’s the softest thing she’s rested her cheek on. McClane’s football-sculpted chest rock was hard though. Then during their moonlight stroll, he offered her this cowboy shirt that was blue, plaid, and thin when she was shuddering from the cold breeze swarming them.

Something like that. That’s not even a part of the story which is how easy those characters are for me to write.

So here we are. 2015. Summer-ish. The story has been put away for a year now. One whole year–with the small exception of formatting a chapter for self-pub(?) here and there as writer’s block hits or I am too tired and it’s easier to type what I see than think. . And these characters are screaming at me. Like taking Cruz, Tyler, and Jamie–three guys from the newest story I’m writing–and shoving them to the side as though they aren’t important. McClane, Nikki, and Jaden are screaming at me, “Pay attention to us!” And a thought hit…what if I took my longest draft to date (the 156,000+ one) and kept the events the same, because they are perfect, and used my way of show not tell, only highlighting the most important things to these characters instead of painting out every little detail like I have.

And yesterday, since it was bothering me and I couldn’t go to sleep until I had it done…

I took chapter two…the real, almost original start to my story, the moment I love…it starts with him and her and it will end with him and her…and typed it out as though Nikki was talking through Quentin with less poetry. So far, I’ve condensed 2,505 words down to 1,600, and divided two-thirds of a chapter into two smaller chapters.

I rather like it. This is just a smidge more Nikki from the first drafts then the rambling long-windedness I hate.

So I’m now toying with writing the rest like this. Like Quentin without the poetry, but with the voice on an 18-year-old girl from 1989. Like it was. Taking this format that a few agents have liked enough to ask for full drafts of Darrows…That maybe there is a light to the end of this Human Touch tunnel

My Opus.


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*crawls out of the creative cave*

*stands up* *dusts off knees* *rubs eyes with back of fists* *squints*

“Who turned on the sunlight?”

“What year is it?”

“What’s been going on?”

Well, it’s official. Approximately six months, the love of two characters, the idea of a story, and incessant typing have brought me to the finish of the Duet…the two YA books covering one story. And quite the weird, contemporary yet ancient, fun, amorous story it is. I am so proud of this one. For once, for me, I didn’t question what I was writing. You know those pesky ones that get stuck in your head with almost every word you type:

“Who’s going to want to read this?”

“Why am I writing this?”

“This sucks to me so why would I torture someone else with it?”

I’ve thought those things before–either all of them or just one–with every novel/screenplay/novella I’ve written. Until now. It’s the oddest thing…

I plan on reading through the first story, making the edits I need to make…and hopefully not adding more content. And then…Pitch Wars is coming up this weekend. Or I may just query it straight to agents. (Thanks to Lori Goldstein {her website and new book} for her help with those dreaded queries.)  Need to decide where I’m taking Darrows and Carter soon.

In the meantime, I feel like such a…

I don’t quite know what to do with myself. I have about 97 story ideas waiting to be born into novels or screenplays (it’s been a while since I’ve typed out one of those) or even a graphic novel…but nothing is sticking in my head as something I’ve absolutely got to type and type right now.

Maybe I can sit back and enjoy life.

Hindsight is a great show and I can now watch it without pausing to write notes. And seriously??? Andy!!! What are you doing??? I cannot stress enough how wrong this moment was… and look at Lolly in the background there…she’s making sure Becca isn’t going to flip out while this nonsense is happening…

Oh, The Royals is coming up on E! on March 15th! And I’ve been dying to see this since seeing the trailer on the big screen before Mockingjay pt 1. DYING, I say! My new drama staple…I just know it! Prince Liam!!!!! And CORGIS!!!!! And le sigh… I can’t wait to bask in all this glorious, fictitious, richery (that’s rich debauchery for those that don’t understand my combo words)…not since 90210 went off the air have I wanted to watch something like this so desperately. (PS gif makers, I’m in need of The Royals gifs…a desperate need! Send ’em my way if you have ’em.)

And finally, after the Flash next month, iZombie! I’ve read the graphic novels and am fully ready to enjoy Veronica Mars meets Zombieland. Mmmm…brains, comedy, and just some good old CW FUN!

All great distractions, but really, I want to fill journals and type away…

I’m sure something will come to me and I’ll wind up crawling back into the creative cave to disappear from society for a while again. Who knows? Maybe next time, I’ll emerge into a Zombpocalypse event or something.

all gifs found through giphy on tumblr. Prince Liam image is from Tinder and I’m sure property of E!…apologies for borrowing him, but it’s too awesome not to share.

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