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Out of the blue.

I know I haven’t been updating here as much as I should…as much as I had planned to this year when I set that resolution in January. But what would I talk about? My fangirl follies? My massive writer’s block? Stories of the past that I love more than anything that are returning to my mind?

Meh. Why would I torture you all like that?

And then,

Out of the blue, this happens:

I get this gut feeling to check my email. I’ve been avoiding it lately as the unread number can’t ever seem to go below 140. Junk email mostly. Stuff I signed up to get emails about, but aren’t really relevant to any other time of year outside of Comic Con or the holidays. So I open the email app on my phone and I come across something I haven’t seen in my phone’s massive combined inboxes in quite a long time.

The email appeared…

…and I did this:

*cleans off lenses on glasses*

*rereads the email*

*reads the email one more time*

*happy happy joy joy*

All over a simple email.

The last time I sent out any query letters was last…had to be January/February/March (?). At this point in the year, so many months later, I thought they were all said and done.

I was wrong!

An agent has requested pages of Love, Darrows… my YA LGBT story about Cupid and his boyfriend, part i of the duet. (Duology, but I really love calling Carter and Darrows a duet. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!) A modern day twist on Cupid’s story from Roman/Greek mythology.

It’s so unexpected and random. It brightened my day a thousandfold, especially since the first half was insanely frazzling. While I know this game so well by now, and I understand that a request for pages doesn’t mean auto-representation or auto-pub, I’m happy…honoredthrilled that someone else wants to share in a story that is so close to my heart. I’m excited for Quent and Lex to be out there again!!!


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Celebrating Captain America: Civil War… (part iii)

Am I celebrating #TeamCap today?

To quote Chris Evans right there, “No.” Because, in these parts, I am one of two #TeamCap’pers…The rest of them…Team I–I–Ir…
Can’t even type it.  Trying again…Team…

The other guy. There. That Bucky and Steve are fighting. It’s as close to typed (or said) that I can get for now.

If you remember, in the past few months, I have made  {Captain America arm warmers} and the holy grail of all Cap wear I’ve been dying to find for FIVE years, the {Captain America ear flap hat} which I  am still wearing even though it’s like 90° today. (The parts within the brackets are links in case you want to see them.)

So, part three of my weird-little-self-taught-crafty-gotta-keep-my-hands-busy-and-still-celebrate-Civil-War-while-I’m-not-writing kick is finally complete. I made some arm warmers for the opposition….Iron Man arm warmers upon request. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, a little bit of gold (the real shimmery kind not the yellowish wannabe color) a lot bit of red and firewhite palms. No one warned me that gold yarn was fragile…but then I didn’t ask. Lesson learned. Twice the yarn broke and I had to start over. It’s not stretchy, so when She-Who-Chose-Team-The-Other-Guy tried it on, it snapped. Start over.

Eventually, I learned to just combine it with the more durable red yarn. (Just a tip in case you want to make your own…) I made the one like five times. By the second one, I was an old pro and only had to knit it once.

Her favorite part of these are the illuminated (white yarn) palms for the laser pulse. Outlined in that gold yarn, of course.

The best part of this project is that the recipient just loves them.
Which…I guess is the point above and beyond the team alliances.

Part Four of this Captain America crafty kick tomorrow!!!


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The new Captain America Civil War Trailer came out today…

…and to celebrate, I am going to share part two of my “Keep those hands from being idle” project.

To set the mood:

 In case you don’t know, I do have a collection of odd hats. The majority of them ear flap hats. I have Regular Show (Mordecai and Rigby), Adventure Time (Finn & Jake…well, I gave Jake to someone…Fionna, & Cake), a Finding Nemo clown fish, a unicorn, several monkeys (sock, rainbow, normal)…sufficed to say, I have a TON of hats. More than a normal adult should. The one hat I’ve spent almost five years searching for but could never find was a Captain America hat. And I got tired of searching.

Last November, I taught myself to crochet. Well enough that I was able to make a baby Chewbacca. (He’s so cute.) I figured if I could do a Chewy, I could make a hat. After a TON of googling, I found different patterns for hats and one for a Cap Cap on Etsy…but I didn’t like the ear flaps on that one, plus I didn’t want the face mask part…and it didn’t have the braids, which is my favorite part about ear flap hats. So I combined two patterns, added my own twists, and made myself the holy grail of hats.

Captain America!

It wasn’t easy, but once I figured out what I had to do and how to do it, three days from start to finish with only two take aparts when I wasn’t happy with it. (OCD Perfectionist) And I LOVE my original Captain America hat!

The wings aren’t sewn down, because I like the fact they can flutter in the wind. Much like my other hats all have ears that do the same thing.

I did fall asleep in my hat the other day so one of the wings sticks out sorta weird now.
But that’s okay.
Every angel on earth had to have suffered a broken wing at some point…
and I think Cap’s is coming…I’m just supporting Chris Evans’ Cap as best and for as long as I can.


Part i of my crafty kick can be found here: {Captain America Shield arm warmers}
Part iii of my crafty kick coming soon…


The Marvel Trailer is linked from their official YouTube channel {here}.

The images are mine.

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Je suis fini.

Wings is now a final draft. A job VERY well done, if I say so myself. I am over the moon thrilled with it. THE best RomCom I’ve written to date. I just need a long summary at this point in the game…and I’m fully ready for Pitch Wars or copyrighting and posting this somewhere.

(hey, tonguetwied, Shelly…look in the back ground of that gif. Notice something? ΖΘ…? O.o!)

It’s sorta nice to be back on the tail end of a story. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Though I know boredom is lurking around any corner, ready to strike. She’s never any fun, that one. I’m hoping to avoid her this time.

Between 4:00 and 4:30 this morning, I had an epiphany about  the opus, Human Touch, and a way to placate the readers en masse with an exciting opening while keeping my need to start the story with them–Nikki & McClane–because it ends with them. (It’s my reason that makes no sense, but perfect sense.) Meaning another rewrite is looming closer. (I’m sorta happy about this, because my “flashback heart” loves this idea.) And if I get stuck there, I’m thinking of pulling out the other [what I call] Romances in New York stories and rewriting those–Life Imitating Art & Life Inspiring Art, & If Only in my Dreams…though this one is a script, I want it in novel form. Then, there’s Darrows. I still don’t know what to do with him. I’m leaning towards copyrighting him and putting him out there to see how he flies. Plus, I’m also working on two projects to go along with the Captain America arm warmers I finished about a month ago. The best way of keeping busy until the next story slaps me in the face and demands to be written.

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope inspiration finds you!


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Bonus points to the person who can tell me why I have to include Doc Hollywood in this post…

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