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The master list.

Once upon a time, I was reading a book written by Stephen King and happened upon a character named “Ace Merrill”. He lived in a little place of yore called Castle Rock, Maine. Well, that name/that location sent a smile to my face and memories into my brain. I knew this guy from that story that other time. Talk about being excited when I remembered little things that I loved about the town or couldn’t stand about Ace…It was like being in on a secret. I had to tell people, “Remember that guy from that place? Well, they’re back. No seriously. You have to read it.”

I blame Stephen King for this thing I have about linking my stories through characters, places, or just little hints. Even if no one else gets it, I know it’s there and am proud.

Lately, though, it feels like nothing is connecting. Not a story, a line, a name, or a title. I have a Tinkerbell journal full of notes for another Rom-Com in NYC I think I want to write for NaNoWriMo.

And if I do start writing on this, I will of course crossover locations or mention a person in passing–The Stephen King Effect. (The New York City thing for RomComs came from movies like The Secret of My Succe$s and What’s Your Number? {okay, so that’s Boston, but big city love story nonetheless} and even Something Borrowed.)

I like the idea of Sean and Gemma almost meeting at the same place that Kurt bought an apology latte…I like that Violet works with Sean while Charlie’s boss is Kurt. I like that this one hotspot is used for breakups and make-ups alike. What I don’t like is fishing through over 1000 pages of combined manuscripts to find that name or that place. That’s where the need for a master list of these tales comes into play.

I could just type a list on the computer. I have a few of those in OneNote and Word docs. But I like a solid journal with pages to flip through. I have images of places in my mind that I drew/draw that I like to reference in addition to photos. I like to keep the descriptions the same from story to story to make it more familiar…a home…like Castle Rock before it met its end.

There are three sections: The Stories which has either a book cover/promotional poster idea with a summary, characters, & locations. (The exact reason label makers were made.)

If Only in Our Dreams

Dreams can hold the best life has to offer. Who says they can’t come true?

Gemma has the worst luck with men. After this last date with the loser of her life, she’s ready to give up men. Her friends beg her for one more weekend–because they can choose a better guy for her–of blind dates. She agrees to one last weekend, though she’s regretting it already. Her friends will never find a guy like the one from her dreams. He’s hot and loving and the sex… Impossible.

Sean has the worst luck with women. After this last date with quite the drama queen, he’s ready to give up women. His friends beg him for one more weekend before doing anything drastic. After all, his friends can pick a woman better than the one from his dreams, right? Maybe not.

Life Imitating Art/Life Imitating Art

Every story has two sides, and Jana’s and Kurt’s are no exception. This duet of novels covers the same events, but are two entirely different tales. What he says is definitely not what she says about their lives from the moment they met.

Life Imitating Art: Jana Hampstead–pen name: JR Toscani–is a best selling romance authors of our time. After meeting her new editor Kurt, she realizes their story mimics the first story she’s ever written–Texas Violets, a fanfiction-turned-bestseller. Much like her characters, there’s ups and downs…and more downs…and he’s her editor, so that’s probably frowned upon around the editing firm. Oh definitely it is. Can Jana and Kurt put aside their differences and finish her new novel before their escapades can become office gossip?

Life Imitating Art: Kurt Werner–aspiring novelist and editor at top firm Eckhart & Bernstien–has been suffering a writer’s block the size of Jupiter. Every word he types ends with a delete. The story isn’t there. Then he meets his new client, JR Toscani–real name, Jana Hampstead. She envokes a rage…a passion within him. Next thing he knows, his job is on the line, but the words are flowing like a river flooding its banks. Can Kurt find a way to balance an editing job, Jana, and a new story that just won’t stop before it all comes crashing to a halt?


Take my hand. I’ll take yours. Together we’ll do this. Until we find love.

Told through two different points of view.

Charlie Everett plays wingman for his best friend, hoping to pay off an old debt. Violet Granger is trying to show “Daddy” that she can make it on her own. One night of wing services, they meet and their world couldn’t be sweeter. But, like always, real life and exes can break some wings. Can Charlie and Violet spread their wings so love can soar?

There are a few more stories not mentioned here. And I’m trying to decide where to put these stories–here, Wattpad, or e-pub them. Plus, this has been great for my story blocked mind. My hands are busy drawing, coloring, painting. My mind thinks as I do this…to the point of generating a new idea for a story that hasn’t been told in YA or adult books that I’ve been able to find. I’ve got a few opening lines to the story I’ve been wanting to type on. And have expanded my old notes on this NYC Rom-Com series, though I have yet to come up with a title.


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#AmWriting – It’s been a while…

…since I’ve done one of these posts. Not that I haven’t been writing.

Recently, one of my CP’s asked if I had anything he could read. Since I’ve not started on the novel, and the last one I finished was the “RomCom for myself”, and the current one is nothing I plan on publishing in any way, shape, or form, I told him that there was nothing. But then it stuck me like lightning to someone on the golf course with a club in the air… My novel: SoS…Sync or Swim. It’s been in draft two status since last September(?), August(?). Maybe even July(?). In other words I haven’t bothered with it since last summer sometime. For me the story has this gap where it starts to feel different. The problem is I can’t find it myself. So I forked over the first chapter and hopefully, by the end of this year, I can call it done and finally have it on the query circuit.

That’s the current edit project. Now, the current writing projects:

I’m sure I lost most of my followers by posting my fan fiction piece, “Hey, 6B.” here on this blog. But, for reasons I will not disclose, I feel like I was destined to do it. Plus, it’s been great at keeping focused on something other than the real life insanity that I have going on…and the one thing I have yet to click about the new novel I’ve been plotting.

“Hey, 6B.” will finish being posted within a week or so. I apologize for that to those of you who are following that could care less or aren’t into that sort of stuff. I thank the few readers I do have for this story. Not that the numbers mean anything to me. It’s a special thing to have a few people reading something I’m doing for fun and going along the ride. Especially since I’ve not pimped out this story in anyway…and a few people found it on their own. It means a lot. Thank you. So very much.

Up next, a quick one-shot story that will not be posted here. Then a birthday tale for one of the best RobSquaders I know (someone I’ve ‘known’ online since the EARLY Twilight days). Again, not going to be posted here. So then why am I even mentioning them? Because in my mind, I have until the end of the second one (or the first depending one what I get done when) to get this new novel’s quirk worked out. I just need that one detail that gives this story a unique purpose. Something not cliché or typical. It’s right there within my grasp, so close…

Because that GIANT WRITING GOAL of getting started on this story looms in my near future. IF I could just Indiana Jones grab it and get the ball boulder rolling…

The Chris Evans image was found on tumblr and edited by me in Photobucket.
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As always, D.

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Oh, Captain, my baby Cap. (pt. iv)

Yesterday, I went to the dark side of Captain America…(all done in fun & games, I promise…I can like Iron Man. Sometimes.)

Today, we have Cap! joining in on the keeping-my-hands-busy-while-fangirling fun!

(see parts i, ii, and iii: Captain America arm warmers, Captain America earflap hat, Iron Man arm warmers)
(wow…WP changed the posting stuff overnight…)

And don’t I wish that Cap, but alas, I do not know Chris Evans personally. Anyway…

So last week I was sick in bed (long story) for the last half of the week. I wound up keeping busy by thinking of two stories while crocheting a baby Cap.

When I was searching for a hat pattern, I came across a pattern for making an amigurumi Captain America on Etsy. {pattern here} It was cute, so I bought it. It was pretty easy to make since I had taught myself last November when I made a Chewbacca…because I thought he was going to go, as in die, as per the old cannon, and it’s difficult to find a tiny Chewie that’s cute.

The only thing was this pattern was designed with the original Captain America in mind. The First Avenger with the red gloves and boots and the lighter color blue for his outfit. And while that was all fine and dandy, I wanted to make it Civil War Captain America with the suit that’s a cross between the Stealth one from Winter Soldier and the old one that was all red white and blue–at least to me it seems that way. So I googled pics of Captain America’s Civil War uniform, looked at the colors and styles of the boots, the wings, the stars, the shield…and I used that scheme as a guide in conjunction with the pattern. (I won’t post the pics I found in that search because of copyright rules.)

Sorry for the graphic scene…I didn’t realize you could see his stuffing there.

This is my baby Cap: Civil War edition

This is him meeting a felted Groot we got at SDCC 2015.
The smirk was inspired by the one Cap has in Winter Soldier when he’s in the glasses in the Apple store with Black Widow…TDF!

Baby Cap springs into action like a real hero!
(A bird was swooping too low and he dove for cover!)

He’s already at home on my desk.

Cap has been welcomed by everyone and is making friends fast.

That’s the Chewie I made last Novermber.

The original pattern called for felt stars and wings. I didn’t like the different textures like that, so I embroidered the stars and wings (like the ones on his Civil War helmet) with white yarn as well as following the pattern and embroidering the A. It’s more me to go all out and be totally different.

And this concludes part iv of my Civil War celebration. A few weeks from now, I will have seen the movie and I will be both in tears and smiles. Feels like I’ve been waiting forever for:

I do have other plans for making a few more Marvel related things, though I’m in no rush to complete them…but stay tuned…definitely more Marvel to come.

All photographic images are my own.

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Celebrating Captain America: Civil War… (part iii)

Am I celebrating #TeamCap today?

To quote Chris Evans right there, “No.” Because, in these parts, I am one of two #TeamCap’pers…The rest of them…Team I–I–Ir…
Can’t even type it.  Trying again…Team…

The other guy. There. That Bucky and Steve are fighting. It’s as close to typed (or said) that I can get for now.

If you remember, in the past few months, I have made  {Captain America arm warmers} and the holy grail of all Cap wear I’ve been dying to find for FIVE years, the {Captain America ear flap hat} which I  am still wearing even though it’s like 90° today. (The parts within the brackets are links in case you want to see them.)

So, part three of my weird-little-self-taught-crafty-gotta-keep-my-hands-busy-and-still-celebrate-Civil-War-while-I’m-not-writing kick is finally complete. I made some arm warmers for the opposition….Iron Man arm warmers upon request. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, a little bit of gold (the real shimmery kind not the yellowish wannabe color) a lot bit of red and firewhite palms. No one warned me that gold yarn was fragile…but then I didn’t ask. Lesson learned. Twice the yarn broke and I had to start over. It’s not stretchy, so when She-Who-Chose-Team-The-Other-Guy tried it on, it snapped. Start over.

Eventually, I learned to just combine it with the more durable red yarn. (Just a tip in case you want to make your own…) I made the one like five times. By the second one, I was an old pro and only had to knit it once.

Her favorite part of these are the illuminated (white yarn) palms for the laser pulse. Outlined in that gold yarn, of course.

The best part of this project is that the recipient just loves them.
Which…I guess is the point above and beyond the team alliances.

Part Four of this Captain America crafty kick tomorrow!!!


The photos are mine.
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Sick as a Dog, reporting for duty. #AmPlotting, #AmListening

Having the flu and severe allergies at the same time is never fun. Can’t sleep. Can’t breathe. Can’t really run around and do things, yet I have to really run around and do things. I may be down, but I am not out.

Thankfully, my mind is still running at more than full speed. Although the things I think…

If you’ve been to the theatre lately, you may have seen this little animated film with Rock, Paper, & Scissors teaching how wrong it is to bully and judge others. It’s so cute! And it got me to thinking about Sheldon Cooper’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock…(and if you need that explanation, I am including the video…)

When I woke up at one in the morning, for some reason, I thought about another variation that even Sheldon would play.

The Avengers version of Rock, Paper, Scissors: Hammer, Fist, Palms, Arrow, Shield. Okay, I figure that Thor’s Hammer could knock Hulk’s fist away. Hulk’s fist could easily take the brunt of Iron Man’s energy pulse shot from his palms. Iron Man’s palms could shoot a pulse to knock out any of Hawkeye’s arrows. And Cap’s Shield would just beat all. Because, you know, #TeamCap. (Sorry, I haven’t thought of a great one for Black Widow…or Ultron…or Scarlet Witch yet. It’s probably sad enough, that we don’t play shotgun around these parts when claiming the front passenger seat…We play CHEWIE. Because if your riding in Mille–so named for the Falcon–only Chewbacca can sit there.)

This is the sort of things I think about when I’m ill.

Which can be great. Like at three this morning when I finally realized what other twists I could add to the new story I’m plotting out. But, do I thank my ill mind for making a breakthrough or do I credit the new musical score I’ve been listening to. (Motion Picture Scores = Story/Character/Location Creation for me.)

The Batman (bleh) vs. Superman score by both Hans Zimmer (Inception, Batman, Man of Steel scores) and Junkie XL (Divergent score) has been PERFECT for this story that still has a teetering title. The drama, the action, the moments.

It’s all unlocking. It’s almost genius how three unrelated stories are combining into one awesome megalith of a tale…that I still don’t know if it will be one [probably] long story or broken up into multiple stories. There’s still a lot of plotting going on, but it’s getting faster and faster as it comes together in my head and in my journal.

              the current story journal.

I’m excited about this story! So as the sick days drag on, I hope to finish typing out “Hey, 6B.” I have a few CP chapters to tackle. And I hope to have compiled enough ideas to do a rough plot of chapters…though I know I may never adhere to the initial plan. Oh, and type out another review for the Lunar Chronicles series.

Hope you all are well and avoiding this Flu bug…

all gifs found on:

images are mine~The Avengers was screen CAPped (TOTAL PUN INTENDED) with my phone.

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