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Out of the blue.

I know I haven’t been updating here as much as I should…as much as I had planned to this year when I set that resolution in January. But what would I talk about? My fangirl follies? My massive writer’s block? Stories of the past that I love more than anything that are returning to my mind?

Meh. Why would I torture you all like that?

And then,

Out of the blue, this happens:

I get this gut feeling to check my email. I’ve been avoiding it lately as the unread number can’t ever seem to go below 140. Junk email mostly. Stuff I signed up to get emails about, but aren’t really relevant to any other time of year outside of Comic Con or the holidays. So I open the email app on my phone and I come across something I haven’t seen in my phone’s massive combined inboxes in quite a long time.

The email appeared…

…and I did this:

*cleans off lenses on glasses*

*rereads the email*

*reads the email one more time*

*happy happy joy joy*

All over a simple email.

The last time I sent out any query letters was last…had to be January/February/March (?). At this point in the year, so many months later, I thought they were all said and done.

I was wrong!

An agent has requested pages of Love, Darrows… my YA LGBT story about Cupid and his boyfriend, part i of the duet. (Duology, but I really love calling Carter and Darrows a duet. I LOVE THEM TOGETHER!) A modern day twist on Cupid’s story from Roman/Greek mythology.

It’s so unexpected and random. It brightened my day a thousandfold, especially since the first half was insanely frazzling. While I know this game so well by now, and I understand that a request for pages doesn’t mean auto-representation or auto-pub, I’m happy…honoredthrilled that someone else wants to share in a story that is so close to my heart. I’m excited for Quent and Lex to be out there again!!!


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Aaaaaannnnnndddddd…I’m done!!!

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH The stress of it all!!!

I didn’t think I’d make it. For the past week and a half, I’ve been banging my head…

Thanks to Windows 10…which installed and worked great for like fifteen minutes…until it decides I need to restart and update everything  else on my computer. Then all it would do is flicker…the screen, anything I clicked for two minutes until I couldn’t move the arrow any more…the arrow keys weren’t working…And I had to restore my computer to an old point.

Then Word was having issues. And the doc I had saved and formatted wasn’t right anymore. It wouldn’t let me edit the doc saying it was locked. Meaning Windows 10 locked it? Or it thought I was someone else after install? I don’t know. Fine. I copied and pasted from a copy I had on file on my separate hard drive. The problem was, it was PDF and Word wouldn’t let me format that…Which I have done a zillion times before…but not this time.

And I had already sent in my PitchWars application…Like midnight the night before all this death and dismemberment happened. And I freaked out! I uninstalled and unregistered Word. Reinstalled and re-registered Word. I still couldn’t copy and paste, but I got the formatting to work again. I had no options left. It was either re-type in case a PitchWars Mentor chooses me or forfeit and pull Darrows from the competition.

Really, there was no choice. SO I’ve spent every day of the last week or so typing all 89,927 words into the proper format, ignoring all Twitter accounts, all emails…everyone. Although, I will say I had to take a few breaks every evening. I wound up doing research for a new story. And cried because I was worried I wouldn’t be finished in time. And cried because I hated ignoring everyone.

But I’m done! I can dance and celebrate and enjoy the stress of waiting on the PitchWars choices…Come, dance with me!!!

Also complete this past week:

  • The gross stage of going shampooless. I won’t ever use that awesome-smelling, frothy concoction ever again. My hair has never been better.
  • Cleaning off my desk–which was a major chore in itself…as in it hasn’t been cleaned off and organized in a year.
  • School shopping
  • Four über important calls including one to the garbage company about a $400 bill. O.o! Yeah. Turns out they coded my bill wrong. It’s fixed now. Heart attack averted.
  • Shoe shopping
  • Found a pair of Captain America socks for girls…for me, even if they are pink.
  • Named all the spiders in my life. Gave them super hero identities and mortal enemies.
  • Lament my dog today on National Dog Day. Love you Winston D Dog!!!

It’s been a productive week and a half or so. I feel like I can breathe again. My hands aren’t suffering through a severe case of the shakes anymore. And I am going to celebrate and watch some movies–a fangirl’s job is never done–and try to imagine the PitchWars wait time ending with a fantastic bang in the form of:

I’d like to see more Darrows.


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***Windows 10 is so not for me. I’ll keep my 7, thank you.

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Pitch Wars Mentee Bio:

Typically, I don’t follow the herd on anything. Yet, as I’ve read through the mentor bios, I’ve discovered Mentee bios…and I think it’s a great idea. Get to know me (in case one of you all google me during your decision process…) as I’ve read about you in your bio.

About Me:

Okay, not that long ago…and really it’s all on the same planet, I decided to take things I’ve written and get them published, optioned, whatever.

I’ve completed both YA and adult stories, plenty of contemporary, a dystopian, a retelling (the story I’m submitting in PitchWars this time), paranormal (as in ghost related and not supernatural like vamps and weres), RomComs, and quite a few screenplays. A few of these are series–including the one I’m submitting to you, a duology. I write LGBTQ, CIS, diverse, & unique characters and situations.

About the story I am submitting:

Believe it or not, I had the whole thing done in the crawl generator…and I tried to share it, but the links were broke. It wouldn’t email. Even the twitter links weren’t working. So I screen capped my crawl. It’s not the same. Especially when you lack the music to go along with it…*heavy sigh* It was so awesome, too!

Now for the nitty-gritty:

BOOKS? Yes please!

I read almost everything. Mostly YA.
My favorite YAs: Winger, Divergent/Four, Fangirl, Twilight’s Eclipse,  Mac/Beth , a few of the Harry Potters
My Favorite Non-YA: The Night Circus, Between the Lines, What’s Your Number?/20 Times a Lady, and so many more…some I can’t list here in case little eyes are around.

My favorite movies are easier to answer: What’s Your Number?, Playing it Cool, & Before We Go. And Back to the Future…and Goonies…Ferris Bueller and Star Wars…really I like anything with a good immersive tale, but those are specifically the ones I’ve watched a million times over.

Music is necessary: I like musical scores more than songs I can sing too. And please don’t ask me to dance to any of it…Because I am just that awkward…

And seriously. Awkward in movement is entirely…accurate. At the beginning of July, I broke my finger walking up the front walk…my phone didn’t die though… It hasn’t stopped me from typing up a storm, either.

I love to laugh. My humor holds an age rage like a Lego set: Ages 5 – 105.

If you look up FanGirl in the dictionary, my image is there. I’m in my Captain America t-shirt, showing off my Star Wars (Han Solo related) Tattoo, while holding up my comic con badge, smiling behind purple glasses…
see also, NerdGirl, GeekGirl.

I do love a good crossover. The BFF IRL related me to Pixar recently…and I LOVE that compliment. Everything I’ve written is connected in some way, though the stories are unrelated overall.

And (like the “you all” above) I tend to stick to almost Texan when I write. It’s not intentional…just ingrained from my time in Texas.

*editing to add* : I can’t believe I forgot my Britishisms…meaning you’ll most likely see a word spelled our used as though I’ve lived in England. I haven’t visited anywhere in the UK yet…it just happens naturally.

The most important thing to know:


Nope. Work doesn’t deter me. Tough honest comments won’t upset me…I mean, how else will I learn what’s right and what’s wrong? Okay, I’ll beam and shine with a compliment, but you tell me when something is just rotten…a description or the way something is phrased. I want that feedback. I need it.

Why chose me?

Well, I am sure everyone has said I’m a hard worker and this is important to them…and I can say the same. But I will add that I have queried this story and had a few agents read the whole MS only to say no. I want to know why. I want to improve what my blind authoring eyes see as perfection. I want an agent to say YES. That’s currently my writing/authoring/querying goal. And I am willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

So, Mentors [and my lovely blog readers] if you’ve read this, thank you. I appreciate the time you’re taking to read through more of the random blathering I tend to do on this blog. Just the fact you’re here, I am honored.

Is it weird I look like her since I got my haircut? I promise I’m not an evil orphanage house mother.


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Here we go.

This could be a #TBT post as well as a #WT17 post…

That’s right. Pitch Wars. It’s here and screaming loud. Darrows wants to go, but I keep tugging his hand, trying to keep him here…because that’s a tough competition and Darrows is already visiting some agents. That being said, the agents aren’t getting back to me and I am more determined than ever to get Darrows published.


So I am going through his closet, picking out the best outfit I possibly can, making sure not a comma is out-of-place, not a word causes a wrinkle. I’m accessorizing with a new, revamped query letter. I’m combing through his summary, making sure everything about it is straight and neat. And searching for his perfect date possibilities.

You know, it would be great if there was like a site for agents/authors…

actual picture doesn’t come close to my Quent

Name: Love, Darrows: Quentin Pendelton Darrows

Gender: Male

Suffix: YA
Stats: Contemporary, Roman and Greek Myth Retelling, Romance, LGBTQ, Diverse
Weight: 89,927 words heavy

Address: in computer files…until you want to give me a chance, then I’ll become a traveler from agent to editor to publishing and beyond.


Job: High School Senior at Romulus Senior High, Go Wolves!

About Me: Well, I’m slightly OCD, but don’t tell Lex I admitted to it. Basketball games evoke as much joy as creating poetry about life taking place around me. Sculpture brings forth my inner artist. Archery fuels a fire in my soul. I am a Wünderkid, but don’t let that studious social tag impact your thoughts. I am quite popular and fun. At parties, I’m practically the center of attention, if something causes a moment of awe, chances are I had my hand in it. I can also be that guy who enjoys a weekend away at a private lake house with the guy he loves.

Life is meant to be savored like a special holiday dinner, shared with those you love.

Likes: Guys are definitely in my like category. Well, guy. Lexington Carter. The moment we met, I was encapsulated by his dastardly, evil genius ways. Lex snagged me early on…I don’t apologize for it.
Creating love with my arrows is as pertinent to my existence as Lex is. (Did I forget to mention I’m a Cupid-in-training? Probably should have input that above.)
Psyche Xenakis…but not for the reasons you think.

Dislikes: Dislikes really need to be placed under a harsher label. Let’s just call it what it truly is. Hate. I hate hate. Hate eats everything essential for Life as though it’s the cereal baring the same name. It’s wrong. It’s strong. And it must be eradicated at all costs.
That being said, there are a few beings in my life that deserve nothing but my hatred, but I won’t get into it here. Okay, maybe I will touch on a few. Thomas Janice and Apollo Durant. The two-face and low-class archer who think they own Romulus and every female contained within. The word trust isn’t in their vocabularies, not in their online dictionaries, repels from them like water rolling along a duck’s feathers.

What I’m looking for: Someone to love me, to believe in me. Represent me in the best light possible. A person who supports my need to show others that love is more than four letters. That is not some antiquated notion belonging to a select few. To show that Myth can be as popular now as it has ever been. Someone to give me that chance to prove my worth among gods and humans alike.

This is so Cruz and Jamie… talking to you Rick’s Chick and Tonguetwied


Not sure how the actual website and notification systems go…and I’m not going to even reduce Quent to one of those ISO ads from the personal columns back in the 90s…I mean, we are in the 2010s now.

Anyway, I do have it down to 20 agents/authors/mentors…I have a tentative top five already, but at this juncture, I’ve only scoped out the wish list on each site. Because, they can be the most awesome person, funny, liking the same stuff I do, and there were quite a few…but if they don’t like anything near what Darrows is, there’s no point in even trying.

Now comes the most difficult part of this #PitchWars thing for me. So far. Going through those five and making sure they are someone who would seriously consider Darrows for who he is and what he offers. I’m going through with one of those special combs they use in schools (in MT anyway) and really closing in on every little detail. Do they want modern myth/retelling? Do they like a guy who’s in love with his best friend? Are they going to believe and enjoy the *magic* that Quent has and uses? Can they adore the way Quent narrates a story or are they going to hate it off the bat?

I am so freaking determined to make Quent lovable to someone other than myself…and maybe the few others who’ve read his side. (Sometimes I know they’re being nice to us, and I so LOVE them for it.) I’m ready to work harder than I ever have before. I’m ready to get him published and share him with the world and make everyone see that it’s okay for Cupid to love a guy…because no one lets him do that…because I want love to be the norm regardless of gender, race, religion, etc.

Because I want to get him done, get Lex out the door, too, so I can peacefully work with Cruz and Jamie and their ambitions and goals…Nikki and McClane, too. And Jaden. Jana and Kurt. Nine and Eva. Jonas and Kenna. Alexander and Elizabeth(…originally Edward and Elizabeth but that changed…a few of you know why.) Sean and Gemma. CJ and Rose. Kate and Harrison and Flynn. Vaughn and Nadine. The Soundtrack of My Life. All the stories I’ve written. All the stories I will write. Probably all about Love in one form or another.

I wish Love was a genre, because I might actually own a chunk of that real estate.

Off to keep reading mentor bios. More #PitchWars bellyaching  later!!!

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Still in Query mode…

Two more form noes. Sent off another, revamped and hopefully improved query for Love, Darrows. It’s come so close three times now. The full/partial MS requests…so Awesome! This is the furthest I’ve ever made it to getting an agent! I’m still in shock at the warm reception by agents, though I will say readers seem to like it more than the agents…which might be a problem if I want it published. Anyway, still searching for the one that gets Darrows enough to rep him.

need to pet on Lucky Kitty.

And I still need to decide if I’m going to let Darrows out to play in Pitch Wars. I mean, I’m up for it. In the same breath, I think I’m either way ahead of the curve or way behind the curve with Darrows. Most agents (now) are looking for sci-fi stories. That’s the current trend…Sci-fi. SMH. I don’t know. I mean, I LOVE STAR WARS LIKE NO ONE I KNOW,

and yet sci-fi stories and I don’t really get along well. For the most part. There are exceptions, but they are few and far between. As for writing one, it’s not in me. not now anyway. I could take Human Touch, put it on another planet or spaceship in the far future. Same with Darrows. I can stick my Cupid on Neptune. Not a problem. Except a major problem. They’re not the stories I wrote. I’m not changing what they are for any reason. Wait…I could pull out Last Man Standing, though that’s more dystopian…You know what? No. I won’t change to fit what’s popular. They are what they are, no matter.

Even if it means I never get published. So until this sci-fi trend dissolves in the space shuttle’s afterburners somewhere as it passes Planet Nine in the Xennon District of the Nexula Galaxy, I feel sort of stuck for getting my stories published. One thing for sure, when contemporaries make it back in fashion, I’m golden! Or ghost stories! Or myths! Or dystopians!

In the meantime, I’m writing SoS. I have four other stories competing for my attention and trying to grow, too…thanks to the afore gif’ed mention of muse… a person, though, not the band. Mostly as I type out the one, I’m writing out notes, ideas and chapters in journals for the others. Add in the critique groups I’m participating in and I’m working hard at hardly working.

At least I’m at the tail end of vacation catch-up. Finally. So it’s all looking good from this side of things.


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