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Things I feel compelled to mention about Wings.

(Sorry for the duplicate posts…someone shut the lid on my laptop and it went to publish instead of staying in draft. MY OCD is forcing me to fix it…FIX IT NOW!)

  1. Wings was written with a RomCom movie in mind. Two actually. Playing It Cool and What’s Your Number? A few of my favorite romcoms. Then add in the style of Before We Go with keeping it intimate and focused on the two main characters as much as possible…It all comes together here.
  2. The POV does alternate, though it doesn’t alternate per chapter, meaning you’ll get three of Charlie, two of Violet, one of Charlie, etc and so on. It still came out to equal chapters of POV in the end.
  3. I’m not sure if it’s an 80s movie influence or a typical romcom sort of influence, but I did insert a montage. The montage is in the opening, changing between Violet and Charlie’s POVs in one long cohesive discussion. I don’t know why I like opening montages in a movie, but it’s now come over into my novels. It’s actually labeled with a chapter title: Opening Montage.
  4. Much like a movie, I have the epilogue chapter (titled: After the principal acting credits) sort of moment of reveling in the HEA, but also finding out a major secret.
  5. Like The Avengers (the first one, not AoU), I have what I’ve actually titled The Shwarma Moment…That little piece of related unrelated that happens way after the credits have rolled but before the final movie company logo. Mostly it was because I didn’t want to let my characters go. Easily deleted, but it’s funny and leaves a big question. I don’t want it out.
  6. I’ve been thinking…The story is complete, but I want to go in and add more chapter/section titles to correspond to a RomCom movie. I’ve not had any feedback about the titles I do have, except maybe it didn’t fit well with my first 250…so I didn’t include that then. I keep wondering if I should have.
  7. My characters are diverse in race and circumstance. Charlie was raised by his grandmother after his mom, at 21, left him when he was 5. So yeah, his mom had him at 16. Violet is half-Japanese. He father is well to do with his importing business, but she’s tired of that set…tired of everything being handed to her so she’s on this Independent Woman kick. Amala is African-American. Her father was in country music (think Hootie after the Blowfish) so she was always well-off and brought up to be that outgoing, get what I want sort of girl. Darshan’s parents (and Darshan) is from India. His parents migrated to London when his father took over a company in England. He was brought up to be the best…and in his father’s eyes, the best is a medical doctor. But Darshan wanted to help people in other ways after meeting Charlie their freshman year at NYU. So he’s currently working on his doctorate in Psychology, much to his father’s chagrin.
  8. If this were a movie, I’d have Chris Evans as Charlie (though the age is slightly off), Kelsey Asbile as Violet (same age thing here). Danai Gurira as Amala. Sidharth Malhotra as Darshan, though I still hear Rahul Kohli (Ravi on iZombie…I can’t have a character touting disdain for a beard when he wears one) as his voice. I’d watch it a million times over. But then maybe that’s creator pride speaking. I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH!
  9. There are deleted scenes that I would love to add…that maybe one day, I’d post like a Blu-ray’s outtakes and cut scenes section. They fit, but don’t. Like seven of them. No matter how much I wanted them, I couldn’t keep them to keep the story flow going.

Should you want a visual representation of Wings (inspiration for the characters and events, outfits, locations) I did [finally] unlock the {Wings on Pinterest Board}. Should you want a playlist, I also [finally] unlocked my {Wings songs on YouTube} compilation of songs that inspired this book or made for a great soundtrack to get a particular feeling or emotion. (Also inserted these links in the Wings page under MY STORIES link above.)

Three more days (or is it four?) and I’m so ready.

Should a team say:

Well, not 21, but Wings, then I’ll definitely wanna hug:

Otherwise, you all better be prepared to read one of the BEST ROMCOMs out there. IMHO. Again, I might just be slightly bias.


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Sorta stressing about Wings.

I mean, I wrote this for fun, because I was desperate for something fun and romantic. I shouldn’t be stressing about it at all. I plan on sharing it even if no one chooses it. Period.

But that’s not why I am stressed. What is killing me is this feeling of being left out. I went through and read a lot of the #PitchMadness tweets to see if I’m missing out on something I need to do.

All those PitchMadness entries…one of the readers is going through their slush piles and tweeting out what she likes. They seem to want a lot of MG (middle grade…think Ramona the Pest types..which I used to write, when I had the readership), a lot of Sci-Fi…which I don’t write, and a lot of fantasy. Bleh. Again, not a genre I’m into as much. Sci-Fi and Fantasy really have to speak to me and most of them just don’t. Nothing to anyone who writes them, it’s not my genre.

The thing that’s eating me is she keeps mentioning how diverse characters are a plus. Love this diversity. More diverse characters… And I feel a little stung right now.

Charlie is Charlie. Let’s not delve too much into him right now. Violet is half Japanese, though you might find a slight mention about her in a picture with her mom. Darshan is Indian from India but from London where his family migrated to. Amala is African-American, kick ass and awesome in her own right. My story, their attributes have mentions few and far between, but to me, it really doesn’t make a difference what color they are. They’re people, living lives and trying to find love…just like everyone else on the planet. This story focuses on the love Charlie and Violet need to find. Period.

But I read things like that, and I think I’m screwed because I don’t flaunt it or constantly point it out. I understand that some people of color feel they deal with things every day. There are some who don’t feel they deal with racial differences every day (according to people’s FB posts on a similar topic).

So should I have mentioned how Darshan is Indian and his parents migrated from India to England because of a job? Should I keep pointing out that Amala is black and the daughter of a musician? Do I need to sit down and type out a detailed chapter of how Violet’s Japanese mom died when she was young, and her father can’t hardly look at her because she looks so much like her mom? Because that’s exactly what it feels like I should be doing to be considered as an author who embraces diverse characters. And I know nothing about any of that is in my first 250 and is barely touched on in the rest of the 68,000.

Too bad the world isn’t color blind. Not that I want all color erased, because THE WORLD WOULD BE SO BLAH without our differences–there is so much to love about our differences. But to feel left out because it seems like a qualifier, when I clearly qualify…

I really don’t want this to be the thing that qualifies me, though.


no images, though I don’t doubt I’ll come back and add them later.

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The Writer’s Voice – query and first 250, Love, Darrows

May 20, 2015

Potential Mentor(s)/Agent(s)
The Writer’s Voice
Brenda Drake’s Blog

Dear Potential Mentor(s)/Agent(s),

Quentin Darrows is a seventeen-year-old, high school senior who’s popular in school, an over-achieving Wünderkid, and a Cupid in training. There’s nothing that brings him more joy than creating a new love. It gives him life and purpose. There is one thing that trumps Cupid for Quent, and that’s his best friend, Lexington Carter. Lex is a major player among the females of Romulus High—Go Wolves!—but he is also Quentin’s boyfriend and possible destined love that all Cupid are said to have.

Life couldn’t get any better for Quent and Lex. They had a great, enlightening weekend at Lex’s lake house. They came out as a couple to both of their families. And they have plans for the biggest announcement of all. Monday morning they’ll kiss on the Quad—Romulus’ answer to the Roman Coliseum—officially announcing their love for each other in front of everyone at school. Monday comes, but Lex doesn’t pick Quent up for school as planned. When Quent finally finds him, Lex is either very hateful or just flat-out ignoring Quent. What happened in that twelve short hours after they parted Sunday night? To confuse Quent more, the new girl, Psyche Xenakis, is on his radar. He suddenly has this insatiable need to kiss her and be near her every moment of the day. Quent knows at his very core he’s gay, so how is Psyche becoming the love of Quent’s life so fast when he’s not even close to being over Lex?  Why is Quent’s world suddenly so upside down? Will he ever get Lex back and feel like himself again?

I am currently seeking representation for my YA novel Love, Darrows, told from the perspective of Quentin Darrows. This story is a contemporary YA that mixes Roman and Greek mythologies in a modern day twist on the classic Cupid tales. It is LGBTQ and diversity friendly. It is complete at 89,927 words. There is a second book to this duet written in first draft. The Love, Darrows manuscript is available, in full or in part, upon request.

Thank you for your time and consideration of Love, Darrows. As requested, I have copied and pasted the first two hundred and fifty words of Love, Darrows below. (To finish out the last sentence puts it at 258 words.)

DJ Siciliano

Love, Darrows

The morning scramble. Less delicious than it sounds. It consists of running around, last minute, trying to not forget anything. Clothes, preppy and colorful. Teeth brushed, breath minty. Hair, every strand in place. Books. Shove books into backpack. Backpack on shoulder. Stairs. Overbearing mother.

“Quent, take a moment and eat something.”

“Sorry, Vee. No time. Lex will be here any minute.” The backpack takes a chair as I shove my arms into my jacket.

Overbearing mother sticks a banana in one hand as it emerges. She sticks a small glass of almond milk in the other hand as I shrug the jacket onto my shoulders. “Eat!”

There’s never any arguing with the self-proclaimed goddess of our household. The almond milk slides down my throat in a gulp. The banana is peeled and takes about three bites and a hamster cheek to fully consume. The peel hits the counter and I go for my backpack.


Saved by the blaring horn. A blissful poetic justice.

“Bye, Vee.” I book it to the front door, overbearing mother not too far behind me.

“Can’t you call me mom just once?”

I turn at the door and give Vee a quick kiss on the cheek. “You told me you were too young to ever be referred to as ‘Mom’.” I step into the cool humid air of a late, sunny September morning. Lex’s car is sitting at the curb. The windows are too darkly tinted to see anyone, though.

“That was in public. You are free to call me mom at home.”


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I consider it a success.

Not a rousing one. Nor was it over the top, but #PitMad went well. I had quite a few favorites and RTs on Twitter. A few agents and authors and one indie publishing company. Which is well more than I was expecting to get.

I’ve submitted queries and pages where needed. I’m researching Solstice Publishing right now, although there isn’t much out there as it’s a newer company. I think i would have already done it if they requested pages to begin with instead of the whole manuscript. I’m a little scared because I’ve heard things from other authors about losing their stories when asked to submit the whole MS(manuscript)…and that’s where I’m teetering. I mean, this could be the best opportunity to come up. I could get published and have my foot in that proverbial door for when it comes time to query out my other stories. Or may even be “in” with a publishing house that will take off…who knows?

I’m going to keep researching and see what I can find. As of now, I am just happy to have had the responses I’ve had to the tweet pitches.  Because my pitching needs a lot of help.

These are the two best:

I feel like maybe I was ahead of the curve before and now that ghosts are en vogue again, I might be in the right position to get this baby traditionally published. We’ll see…

*fingers crossed*

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