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Reading Theme ~ October 2016.

I can’t believe we are in the last quarter of the year! Looking back, I say I’ve done fairly well at reading more of a variety of books this year. It used to be I stuck with romances-contemporary and not the historical, Mr. Romance Novel on the cover type of books. Not that it matters, but just to be clear. Or books for movies that I love to watch…and some TV stories, too.

I am so proud of myself for tackling classics as well as other genres. And as a reward, I’ve decided to go back to my old ways and read something television related.

It’s a series of graphic novels I’ve been putting off since…oh…2010 when the first six shows aired and left me saying, “Are you kidding me? That was the whole season?” The same show I tried to get into room 26A at Comic Con 2011 for the very first panel and the line was literally wrapped around the building…and that room seats like 50 people or some little number like that.

No, Effie, they weren’t that Saturday. Needless to say, I waited for another panel, True Blood. Which are also books I should have could have chosen for this month…

Then, season after season, I’d make a promise to myself to read the graphic novels. And season after season, I’d chicken out because I didn’t want to read into where I was at watching wise. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I like to go into my viewing with fresh eyes–movies and television alike. I don’t care if I know the story from the book before I read the book. That doesn’t bother me. But watching…

Fresh eyes.

If you haven’t guessed what I’m reading this month by now, here’s another hint:

That’s the series! Plus, dead things that still move makes for a great Halloween related theme. (again, True Blood would work, too)

The Walking Dead graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman.

I know, Rick! This is exciting!

We have up to volume 24 of the graphic novel in-house. Should I make it that far, then volumes 25 & 26 are just a click or a bookstore away. I do know once I read the name Negan or see a flash of a bat named Lucille, I stop in my tracks and let the walkers pass me by…again, no spoilers! I’m DYING to know who didn’t make it to the new season. And by the time this posts we may know the answer (or are about to find out)…

So what’s on your October reading list? Something dead? Something haunting?
Don’t hesitate to share.

Happy Reading!


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Reading Theme: September 2016

Long time, no post…

These past few months have been insane with a cross-country move. Between cleaning, packing, cleaning, unpacking, traveling, directing movers on both ends of the spectrum, and organizing, it’s been little to no fun.

And don’t get me started on writer’s block headaches. Reading books/fanfics/stories is suffering as much as writing right now. Total doldrums.

I need to find my way out of this funk. Fast. Get myself back into a schedule. I figure the best way to do that is to assign September a reading theme. But what do I choose?

September 2015’s theme (also about the time I started these posts) was anything RomCom. I could always go for some romance. *happy sigh* A little love. Some laughs. Ever so sweet with enough tension to make you root for the MC’s to get together. And a little happy dance when they finally do. Warms my heart and soul to read those stories.

But, the RomCom theme is now on a Been There, Done That sort of status. I don’t mind doing it again because I loved it so much, but I need to broaden my reading horizons.

I thought about turning this into a “School’s Starting Up” sort of theme, tackling the classic of literature. Story trauma in Lit class keeps me from doing it full throttle, though. So I turn to the class reading lists of high schools today: The Princess Bride, Peter Pan, Will Grayson Will Grayson, The Giver, The Alchemist and others like those. (I’ve seen both the Hunger Games and Divergent series on lists, but I’ve already read those.)

If only I could find my missing box of books, I’d have more to add to this list…

*heavy sigh*

Anyway, I figure it’s a great place to start.

September 2016’s theme: Back to School Reading

Seems boring enough, but I’ve had some of these books on my TBR lists for years. This should be the motivation I need to get them read. I plan to, anyway. Who knows, maybe a romcom will sneak its way into the reading list for this month. Only time will tell.


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Reading Theme ~ July 2016.

Ah, the middle of Summer. July. Fireworks will grace the evening sky soon. Cookouts and visits to the park or lake.

It’s that time of year to make the annual migration to the beach. Hot sand, cool sand, umbrellas and towels as far as the eyes can see. Thankfully, there’s cool ocean water to help with the burn of the sand. Because, let’s be honest, beach shoes are so gauche. (I’m a barefoot girl through and through.)

Surfers and dudes walking the shore.

Great tunes.

Awesome sandcastles and beach sculptures all around.

If you went to the same beaches I visit, you’d spot me right away. I’m that bone pale girl, enjoying the calming rhythm of the waves attacking the shore. Finding shells, saving beach creatures, taking pictures of crabs in the rocks no bigger than a quarter.

I’m the one that has her nose in a book. That one girl shoes off, feet buried in the sand under the umbrella over there. Reading, reading, reading. Probably one of the books I just picked up at Comic Con. Typically books I wouldn’t buy, books that are about sci-fi this or castle storming that. A little romance. Some YA. Quick reads and sagas.

So, in honor of this yearly tradition, the theme for this month:

JULY 2016 ~ Just Beachy!

In other words, beach reads galore.

So many to choose from…

What to pick?

Well, I went through my kindle (as most of my babies are packed away for moving purposes) and chose ones that I know I’d read on that sandy heaven under the sunny blue skies of a gorgeous California day. They aren’t the only ones I want to tackle; they’re just the ones I want to read first.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman ~
I recently read Cary Elwes’ book and found out it’s a real book and not a movie adaption. Then I found this sitting on a shelf in a used book store…and I snatched it.

File Jun 27, 8 54 15 PM

Only revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski ~
Yeah, the guy who ruins minds with books like House of Leaves. This one is no exception…just in love story form.

File Jun 27, 8 53 51 PM

File Jun 27, 8 53 30 PM

Kissing in America by Margo Rabb ~
nothing like a summer road trip. Even if it is in pages.

Frosh by Monica B Wagner, Anything Could Happen by Will Walton
Nothing like a chase for love.

My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga
The sounds of waves will hide the sounds of tears.

Someone Else’s Fairytale by EM Tippets
Even the girl on the cover is ready to hit the beach.

Unrivaled by Alyson Noel, We’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman
A retelling for fun, and some laughs to go with it. Why not?

There are so many more I could list…

What are you packing up for that trip read this summer?

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Reading Theme ~ June 2016.

Ahhh…Summer. No more school for a while. Nothing to rush off and do until vacation. And the likely hood of brain rot is huge with all the binge-watching plans we have for shows–last season’s Pretty Little Liars, all seasons of Supernatural, iZombie from beginning to end (again), Baby Daddy (again) and Parks and Rec for laughs, Big Brother after dark … if the cast is fantastic…But, I digress.

All that watching without thinking? The mere idea gives my brain an empty-stomach sort of ache.

So I decided to kick off summer with something hearty and thick. I thought about the Stephen King novel about JFK’s assassination, 11/22/63, since I watched that series on HULU. It was a great story to watch. And I know the book will be different. But I think I’m looking for more of a challenge…

Bring in Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves.

I’ve been putting this book off for a few years. Someone gifted it to me one Christmas and told me it would burn my brain. *rolling eyes* I don’t quite believe them, but the book looks so daunting and confusing. Which is why I feel it’s time to get it underway. (Plus extra daylight hours for any potential scares and extra reading time every day…because you can’t read paper in the dark).

Luckily, I can read backwards, forwards, and upside down.

In case I manage to get out of that book with some semblance of sanity left, I think I’ll finally finish S. by JJ Abrams–who is still on the crap list for what he did…He knows what he did… But this argument is saved for a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

The problem I had with this book was flittering back and forth between the story and the other story made up of the notes–the story was too good to DNF it. I googled some advice and know what to do now. Read the story first, the side story second and one chapter at a time. I am still VERY determined on this one, though. It’s not the book’s fault I have ADHD when it comes to reading things like this. (story, side story, researching clues, solving clues…I’m so easily distracted.)

Theme: JUNE 2016 ~ House of S.

I know. Here’s hoping I survive.

What books are you kicking off summer with?

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Already started House of Leaves…wound up stuck in a loop and am working my way out. Ish.

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Reading Theme – May 2016.

It wasn’t that difficult to decide on a theme for this month. There was always the option of celebrating May the Fourth be with you. Another easy out would be Captain America: Civil War as it comes out in a few days…May 5th for early viewings, May 6th wide in the US (Canada, I think, too.). There’s always another spring pun in the works, but three in a row(Spring into Summer)? Umm…no. So many themes, I was about to resort to making a theme rule for my themes, which is how this TBR project got started.

But then it dawned on me…”Maestro!”

(the 80s-ness of this video…LOL)

MayDay! I need a hero.

Han Solo…

Captain America…

or even Agent Carter.

(Yes, the forever-ship rears its head again.)

This month, I will be tackling stories with a hero–fiction and non, graphic novels and normal ones.

There are so many reading options on my TBR list for May:

Waiting for Clark by Annabeth Albert ~ LGBT rom/com with comic con and superhero cosplays

Fallout (Lois Lane) by Gwenda Bond ~ The life and times of Lois Lane before the Super Man.
(I actually started a few days ago when last month’s TBR list was completed…and I think I’m falling back into my old forever ship with this one.)

Agent Carter: Season One Declassified by Sarah Rodriguez ~ A beautiful book covering one of the best heroes (heroines) in the Marvel Universe, IMO.

Rocket Racoon Vol.2 ~ just because I adore Rocket and Groot.

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest ~ a mix between a graphic novel and a classic novel all in purple ink.

Zodiac Legacy – Convergence by Stan Lee/Stuart Moore/Andie Tong ~ What I am hoping is like a YA X-Men meets Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. story

And hopefully I’ll get my hands on:

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War: The Art of the Movie

Will I find my hero?

I’m definitely going to try…

What’s on your reading list for May [2016]?

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