human touch series

A story about an eighteen-year-old ghost, Nicole Rose–Nikki, who dared to find her split-apart in her human roommate, McClane Scott.

And that’s just the first of SIX novels either written or planned for this series. Though I could probably write nine, a hundred, a thousand because I love these characters and worlds so much. The titles for each book are Rick Springfield songs from the 1980s, when Nikki was alive, and now. The first half of the series includes some great 80s memories as well as what changes have occurred between then and now.

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Human Touch
YA Contemporary Paranormal Romance.
Mostly told from the POV of Nicole Rose, a ghost girl from 1980s Seattle, who died on her eighteenth birthday. She’s been trapped in her room for years, dealing with roommate after roommate. McClane Scott was no different. He was the mess to her order, the black and white to her color, the jock to her nerd. The very guy who did nothing but ignore her and drive her insane. Until that night the pills came into play. Nikki wouldn’t let him kill himself. Not on her watch. And in those last moments, something happened. McClane could finally see her, hear her voice in his head as clear as day…and maybe, just maybe, he could fall for her as she is crushing hard on him. Even with his friend Ana helping, how can a ghost and a human date, especially when the ghost can’t leave the house? And with the darker beings of the spirit world against them, how can they stay together?

Wide Awake
YA Contemporary Paranormal Romance.
Mostly told through Nikki’s POV. Nikki and McClane got their chance and are heading off to college in Texas, where McClane has a football scholarship. Things are going great for Nikki and McClane. She met his best friend, Jaden Reynolds, a fellow footballer. She has a new roommate and budding friendships as well as some interesting classes. But now there’s something dark lurking and taking aim for her, wanting to remove her spirit from this world once again. Could it be her new friend Drew, who has done everything to be with her or is there something more sinister lurking around campus?

YA Contemporary Paranormal Romance.
Told from McClane’s POV. Nikki is gone and McClane has yet to find her. He’s been going insane without his other half, falling into a depression so deep no one can help. Jaden tries to keep his spirits up, but nothing is helping McClane to keep his head above water. Until that moment Ana tells him where Nikki is. All hope isn’t lost. But those dark forces refuse to give up without a fight. It’s up to McClane to traverse the other side of life into death to find her other half. The question is, will he make it in time before that last ritual tears him from his split-apart for forever?

Me & Johnny
NA Contemporary Paranormal Romance
A series of short stories told from Jaden’s POV. Covering topics from his and McClane’s meeting up to the NFL draft and beyond college graduation. This set of shorts is less paranormal than the original trilogy, but there are characters and events that Jaden takes with him.

It’s Always Something
NA Contemporary Paranormal Romance
From McClane, Nikki and Jaden’s POVs. McClane and Nikki are married and living the life they’ve been destined to live. McClane is working on the next step of his career. Nikki is teaching children and staying in contact with Ana and the other side. But when Callum and Ana show and ask her to do something life changing for them. Nikki gladly agrees to repay them for everything they’ve done, but it’s not without great sacrifice. If she makes it, her life will truly have meaning. If not, she stands to lose McClane and everything she has.

You & Me
YA/NA Crossover Contemporary Paranormal Romance
Many POVs from McClane, Jaden, Nikki, and a new take. Nikki and McClane faces the afterlife in a war of love in hopes of keeping the last two known split-aparts together or risk ending their kind for all time. It’s a tough war, battling to the end of their tales.

What Kind of Fool Am I?
YA/NA Contemporary Paranormal Romance
From Nikki and McClane’s POV. The original planned ending to Human Touch, but is now the tale of Nikki and McClane. The alternate ending of the eighteen year old ghost and her human split-apart from just before the ending of HT into the future when McClane is old and Nikki is still a ghost.

YA Contemporary Paranormal RomanceTold from Ana’s POV. The story of Ana and her work on the other side in The Hereafter Bureau. Not only has dealing with demons been keeping Ana busy, so is her crush on Callum. He’s her boss and barely notices her between assignments. Word is he’s due for a promotion, and the angels are eyeing her for his position. Ana has to decide between getting Callum’s attention or getting that big promotion. What’s an ambitious soul to do?

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