life imitating art series

As of now, three books have been written and/or are planned. An erotic-type of  RomCom I’ve dubbed an eromedy. Don’t ask…I make up my own words at random. Just a fun read.

{Life Imitating Art board on Pinterest}

Life Imitating Art
Romantic Comedy
Told from the POV of Jana, alternating with snips from her original fanfiction that fit her real life story to a T. Jana Hampton wrote a fanfiction. The fanfiction became a best-selling book published under the pseudonym JR Toscani. Her book editor died just as her newest manuscript was ready. Now she has to deal with this cocky new editor, Kurt Werner, who thinks he’s God’s gift to the written word. She can’t stand Mr. Werner with a passion. The problem is she wants nothing but passion with the much younger editor. Will they get together on the book and in their sex life or will she leave before the edits get done and lose her publishing contract for good?

Life Inspiring Art

Life Isn’t Art

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