Review: The Selection

The Selection
The Selection by Kiera Cass
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well. I really didn’t think I’d like this book as much as I did. It’s one where I’m sorta wishing I had opened it sooner….but I’m glad I waited because now I can read straight through the series.

First, let me explain this dystopia, the rules state you are going to be placed in a caste and that will dictate your wealth and status and whatever job you do. One’s are the queen, king and their children. Twos are up there. Threes lower…and they fall and stumble and crack down to the homeless eights. It’s these castes that keep people apart and squabbling and this country (Illea) as well as others in turmoil.

The Selection is like American Idol meets the Bachelor meets The Dating Game. The secluded Prince needs a wife and what better way to have a pool for him to choose from than holding a lottery where 35 potential brides are chosen.

America Singer, a five and musician, is among the picks. She’s plucky and smart ass and in love with Aspen Leger, a six…someone considered beneath her. But she loves him and makes it work and fights the selection at its core.

Let’s just say when she first meets Maxon, the prince, it wasn’t the best of circumstances. In my head, I saw America as a young Amy Adams:
America Singer
And Maxon had this way about him that made me think of:
America Singer

Yeah…Joffrey from Game of Thrones. So that made their meeting even more humourous, IMO.

What I adored was their interactions. They were so hateful yet loving and sometimes so sweet I could only squeal out… “Oh…cute…” But then America had to find what was really in her heart, because she was still pining for Aspen, though he dumped her before she left.

It was getting all good and drama but it ended just as America was one of The Elite–the last six girls in the competition for Maxon’s heart.

As if that wasn’t enough, there was so much more with the troubles of Illea…the rebels from the North, rebels from the South…all in hate of the King and the Selection. America’s family upset, too. America’s maids’ stories…(and maybe I’m confusing the books some as I’ve been reading from one into another without much pause, because they are good!)

I can’t recommend this one enough. A good four and a half stars at the very least from me…I’m on book four and still enjoying it!


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Review: Sweet Rome

Sweet Rome
Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was more a three and a half stars for me…

Let me explain. I liked the original story a lot. I did. And this story mirrors that original in events, things said, but all from Rome’s POV. Which is why three and a half instead of four. It felt like rerun season. Though a few things were covered like his perspective from a few of the MAJOR events that I was desperate to know, it wasn’t enough new for me.

Granted, Rome still falls for Molly. Molly still loves Rome. And that’s what I liked about the original story. And I enjoyed certain events from Rome’s POV, but…IDK…it felt like it had been covered before. Maybe if it was further timeline…sat from before Molly’s arrival to well after… Or maybe his side of the events was different…I could have given it a solid four.

I will say that had I read this one first, it would be a solid four…but then Sweet Home would have been a three and a half. Really, the two stories are interchangeable. You could pick one and read and you’d get the whole story without losing a thing.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but I say pick one or the other unless you are dying to know what happened that time she/he did… Fill in the blanks. Because I am not going to spoil a thing. (Although it came close. I did have to delete a sentence or two.)


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Review: Sweet Home

Sweet Home
Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was what I was hoping to read when I chose the football theme for the month. Just the right amount of romance with the right amount of drama with pieces of football throughout.

Molly Shakespeare (yep, that’s her name…oh, middle name Juliet) is from England, an orpahn of life, working on her master’s and a TA. Romeo Prince (yep, that’s his name, goes by Rome) is the football player for the Crimson Tide, Alabama. Or as in Aggieland, we’d say “That other school from that other state” and add “BTHO Bama.”

But team preferences aside…

Molly and Rome meet and from there, it’s a whirlwind of should we or shouldn’t we? I want you. I need you (and not in that way) and I’m not sure we’re going to be right for each other. Add in fmaily drama and subjects like abuse and money-grubbing and scholarships and… something else I can’t say without a major spoiler…

It was really good. I could imagine this as some drama on network television, the one football season lasting for a good three seasons worth of drama and intensity. I really enjoyed it and was happy that I had the chance to finally read.

Definitely a good read.

*A SPRING TRAINING READ* ~ MARCH 2017 (Sorry for the late review.)

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Reading Theme ~ April 2017.

Oh, here we are. April. Already. How did that happen?
What goes on in April? Showers? Spring flowers? In most places I’ve lived, it’s prom season.

Big dresses.

Bigger hair.

Tux rentals.

Kings and Queens and Crowns.

Awkward moments.

Dancing with that special someone.

If I hear the word “Prom-posal” one more time…UGH. I miss the days of the anxious guy/girl asking out the hopeful girl/guy…the suspense, the drama…and hopefully not a Carrie incident. (Sorry, Stephen King.) I find spending all that cash on asking a girl (or guy) out ridiculous. It’s not like someone is getting engaged…but I digress…The books I’ve chosen to read for this month are definitely Prom-propriate. The dresses alone remind me of prom season. Then I stare at the tiaras, and I really can’t stop thinking about one of the biggest moments of high school life.

In the spirit of grand gowns and shiny crowns, I’ve decided to finally dance my way through…

The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

  1. The Selection
  2. The Elite
  3. The One
  4. The Heir
  5. The Crown
  6. Happily Ever After

From what I’ve been told, I am not going to want to stop reading. Not even to bust a move and “Single Ladies” with Chris Evans. I’m excited to finally read this series, especially since it’s complete and I can read straight through. I just hope I don’t wind up like Carrie…

I want these books to be everything her prom night wasn’t: Awesome!

What are your reading plans for the month?


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all stills are screencaps I’ve made.


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Review: Long

Long by B.B. Hamel
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Oh, I hate putting a book on the DNF shelf (did not finish)…but at that 33% mark, I had to.

The voices of the characters were fun. The way they spoke was friendly and calm and I enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy was the constant repetition on what seemed like every page I read. Gibson was a cocky jock and a jerk and so full of himself…And she…(I cannot remember her name right now)…well he liked her but she was annoying…and they kept saying those things just over and over and over. For a few pages, it felt like I had never flipped over to a new page at all.

It got so redundant, I couldn’t get into the story, though I liked the premise…a footballer baby daddy. Also, the language warning…yeah. Take heed in that one. Definitely something I had Captain America admonishing, “LANGUAGE!” in my head often. LoL.

And one tip: When reading this at work, beware of co-workers reading over your shoulder…because they will abscond with your kindle and read it to everyone else in the vicinity. UGH.

I’m not even going to give this stars…I’m just sorry I couldn’t read more.


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