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Reading Theme ~ April 2017.

Oh, here we are. April. Already. How did that happen?
What goes on in April? Showers? Spring flowers? In most places I’ve lived, it’s prom season.

Big dresses.

Bigger hair.

Tux rentals.

Kings and Queens and Crowns.

Awkward moments.

Dancing with that special someone.

If I hear the word “Prom-posal” one more time…UGH. I miss the days of the anxious guy/girl asking out the hopeful girl/guy…the suspense, the drama…and hopefully not a Carrie incident. (Sorry, Stephen King.) I find spending all that cash on asking a girl (or guy) out ridiculous. It’s not like someone is getting engaged…but I digress…The books I’ve chosen to read for this month are definitely Prom-propriate. The dresses alone remind me of prom season. Then I stare at the tiaras, and I really can’t stop thinking about one of the biggest moments of high school life.

In the spirit of grand gowns and shiny crowns, I’ve decided to finally dance my way through…

The Selection series by Kiera Cass.

  1. The Selection
  2. The Elite
  3. The One
  4. The Heir
  5. The Crown
  6. Happily Ever After

From what I’ve been told, I am not going to want to stop reading. Not even to bust a move and “Single Ladies” with Chris Evans. I’m excited to finally read this series, especially since it’s complete and I can read straight through. I just hope I don’t wind up like Carrie…

I want these books to be everything her prom night wasn’t: Awesome!

What are your reading plans for the month?


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Reading Theme ~ March 2017.

Last year, I went springtime crazy.

This year I promised myself not to do that. And while strolling through the many, many books on my TBR lists, I thought about touching on a spring cleaning theme because I have a lot of series where I’ve only read a book or two and I need to finish them out.

No, I promise not to go there…
I could focus on the color green, since it is March and doesn’t touch on spring with a word. (Not that much green on book covers, I’ve noticed.)

Or I could read stories about Leprachauns, Lions, and Lambs.

I’m not  a small child and I’ve read the Twilight series plenty of times already.

Then, during the Super Bowl, it hit me. I have a little obsession about Quarterbacks and Tight Ends…and I promise I’m only sticking to football player positions here. I think it was because I was writing on book 4 of my series, Human Touch. One of the MC’s is a quarterback and one of the others is a tight end…while googling for football college info, I realized that my footballers would be starting up spring training on their college team right about…oh…like today. If they were real students at A&M…

Anyway, since I own this random, odd collection of books (mostly romances, mostly on my kindle) (okay, all of them are on my kindle) concerning football players, I thought why not.

Books to tackle this month:

All the Glory by Elle Casey

I am currently almost at the end of this one…just waiting to see if my guess is right.

After the Rain by Mary J Williams

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Long by BB Hamel

Risky Game by Tracy Solheim

Draw Play by Tia Lewis

Sweet Rome series by Tillie Cole

Seems like I’m running back to my old ways of romances only, doesn’t it?

Again, a weakness of mine, since my footballers rest in my mind, heart, and soul since their inception in 2012.

In a way, I kept my theme away from spring, since football is more a late summer/fall/winter sport.
In another, I totally did not keep “spring” from springing up. Ahhh, well…

This month’s theme:

March 2017
Spring Training

What are you all looking at reading this month?


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Reading Theme ~ February 2017.

Valentine’s Day would lead one to think romance. Superbowl would bring forth football imagery. President’s Day…thriller-type stories?

That’s okay. While I do have quite the few Football Romances on my TBR lists, that’s not where I wanted to take this one. Too obvious and really not what I like to do for my themes. Sort of. What I wanted to try and read this month was something out of my ordinary. Horror/Thrillers seem to be lacking from my lists en masse, though I used to read Stephen King and Dean Koontz all the time. This month, though, i am going to try and brave my way through a few books.

The books I have on my list for this month:
(if I am brave enough to tackle them all ~ #ScaredyCat):

When A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Heart-shaped Box by Joe Hill

Horns by Joe Hill

I saw this movie and loved it. I heard the book was more creepy, so I’m going for it.

Also own both on Kindle, so no stopping to read because of it being night. Unless… *shivers*

Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Ink and Bone.

And if things get too intense or I actually read these all, I might just open:

Denton Little’s Deathdate

We’ll see how far I get, being that this month is short…and it’s not light enough to read stories of this type, IMO.
“Because I will turn on all the lights in my house.” ~#ScaredyCat
(aka me.)

This month’s reading theme:

February 2017 ~ My Bloody Valentine.


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Reading Theme ~ October 2016.

I can’t believe we are in the last quarter of the year! Looking back, I say I’ve done fairly well at reading more of a variety of books this year. It used to be I stuck with romances-contemporary and not the historical, Mr. Romance Novel on the cover type of books. Not that it matters, but just to be clear. Or books for movies that I love to watch…and some TV stories, too.

I am so proud of myself for tackling classics as well as other genres. And as a reward, I’ve decided to go back to my old ways and read something television related.

It’s a series of graphic novels I’ve been putting off since…oh…2010 when the first six shows aired and left me saying, “Are you kidding me? That was the whole season?” The same show I tried to get into room 26A at Comic Con 2011 for the very first panel and the line was literally wrapped around the building…and that room seats like 50 people or some little number like that.

No, Effie, they weren’t that Saturday. Needless to say, I waited for another panel, True Blood. Which are also books I should have could have chosen for this month…

Then, season after season, I’d make a promise to myself to read the graphic novels. And season after season, I’d chicken out because I didn’t want to read into where I was at watching wise. NO SPOILERS PLEASE! I like to go into my viewing with fresh eyes–movies and television alike. I don’t care if I know the story from the book before I read the book. That doesn’t bother me. But watching…

Fresh eyes.

If you haven’t guessed what I’m reading this month by now, here’s another hint:

That’s the series! Plus, dead things that still move makes for a great Halloween related theme. (again, True Blood would work, too)

The Walking Dead graphic novel series by Robert Kirkman.

I know, Rick! This is exciting!

We have up to volume 24 of the graphic novel in-house. Should I make it that far, then volumes 25 & 26 are just a click or a bookstore away. I do know once I read the name Negan or see a flash of a bat named Lucille, I stop in my tracks and let the walkers pass me by…again, no spoilers! I’m DYING to know who didn’t make it to the new season. And by the time this posts we may know the answer (or are about to find out)…

So what’s on your October reading list? Something dead? Something haunting?
Don’t hesitate to share.

Happy Reading!


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Review: The Alchemist

The Alchemist
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

NOTE: I have two different editions of this book (because this one states it’s for the kindle) but the editions read exactly the same. The only differences are what’s contained within the bonus sections.

I can’t believe I finally read this. For me, four stars even works perfectly.

This is the story of Santiago–who is referred to as The Boy throughout the story–and his journey in life. He is in search of his Life’s Purpose. What is it that he wants to do and where is it he wants to go. And whether or not he makes it to that ultimate goal.

There are touches upon religions, beliefs, wars, and love. It’s a journey of the ups and downs of life and how at one moment life might be at it’s worst, but if you give up, you might miss out on the best. There’s also talks of signs and foreshadowing in dreams. Talk about Life’s Purposes and what the journey could look like if you pursue them. About omens and following your heart. Yes, it was more religious than I thought it would be since this book is on quite a few high school reading lists. But, it was who the people were in this time of the story–early on in the AD spectrum of years when shepherds worked by foot and crook and most of the travel was done by foot, boats, camel and horse.

I really enjoyed this story. It was something that speaks to me on a different level than just the basic tale within the words. Definitely food for thought.

*A BACK TO SCHOOOL READ ~ SEPTEMBER 2016* I’m so thankful I don’t have to write any reports or papers on these books.

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