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Review: Michael’s Wings

  • Title: Michael’s Wings
  • By: Tiffany Reisz
  • Series: Original Sinners
  • Overall score: 5/5 stars
  • Recommended?: Major YES! Read This!


This review is spoiler free. And it wasn’t easy because all I want to do is talk fine details about this story with my two, utmost favorite characters from The Original Sinners series. I am thrilled that Tiffany Reisz wrote more of Griff and Mick…and I definitely plan to return to their world over and over again. Just a great read and one of the best additions to the series so far!


***Thanks to NetGalley and Tiffany Reisz for the ARC of this book!***

Okay, so when Tiffany Reisz put up on her instagram that this book was available on NetGalley, I ran-not-walked over there and picked it up. Again, the subject matter isn’t my cup of tea (or in Norwegian, en kopp te.) But, that’s not why I keep reading anything I can relating to the Original Sinners’ series. It’s the twisted story that has me grabby-hands and wide-eyed for the books.

Michael’s Wings is a collection of short stories, featuring Griffin Fiske and Michael (from The Angel). I had only been begging for more of these two for what feels like forever. And this came along, and I am over-the-moon happy!

Michael and Griffin…those two. Plus, Griff in a kilt *drooly emoji here*…so…

Anyway, onto the review.

Michael’s Wings ~ The primary story where Michael runs off to Louisana, where King, Søren, and Nora now call home. Griffin asked Michael to marry him (*SQUEAL!*) and now Michael has a few days to ponder his answer. Does he want to marry that spoiled trust-fund-baby dom? Seeing everyone again was great. Nora is ever the same. King and Søren haven’t changed, and if they did, it was for the better… Such a sweet story. And it just made me fall back into old ways where Griff and Mick are concerned. (The thing where I hate to put them down and leave them alone for five seconds. Even snuck in the reading of a single sentence in at work once…) I’m going to leave this story now for fear that I’m going to spoil it because… It was five stars for me.

Griffin in Wonderland ~ This goes back in time to when Griffin was twenty-two and realizing he was at rock bottom. This was back when King, Søren and Nora were in NYC and the 8th Circle was in its hey day! Sort of a discovering himself, coming-of-age-tale for Griff. It was where he learned how to be who he is. So interesting to see young Griffin. Five stars.

Gauze ~ A flashback to the moment Michael slit his wrists and comparison with why he had gauze on his wrists again. The events happened during The Angel and covers some answers we didn’t have before. It was a sweet moment for one of my favorite characters in this series. Five Stars.

The Theory of the Moment ~ So…just after the events of The Angel, Griffin had a talk with Michael’s mom. Just to clear the air about why a much older man was in love with her son and where the future might take them some day. It was enjoyable and gave some insight to the always wild Griffin. Made my heart melt a little. A moment or two, it felt a little repetitive in the ideas being talked about between the two characters, but a great missing piece to the Griff-Mick puzzle. Four and a half stars.

The Couch ~ Sort of funny. Sort of Sweet. Sort of: “Oh good lord!” in a blissful way. It was cute and funny and just a moment with these two guys who are stubborn and yet so in love. *happy sigh* Five stars.

A Better Distraction ~ This one was another random moment of Griff and Mick’s life. Just a short, sweet, naughty tale that makes you love these two together even more. And also some laughs, thanks to a Titanic moment or two. Tied for ultimate fave story from this book. FIVE STARS!

Christmas in Suite 37A ~ A longer story happening between The Angel and Michael’s Wings. Michael went off to Europe to study for three months and Griffin is just trying to survive. Told in three parts. Part one, Griffin is with Nora in NOLA. He’s freaking out because Michael is gone, broke up with him…so in Griffin style, he’s freaking-the-f#@<- out. Part two, Griffin heads home to meet up with Michael who is returning to the US for the holidays. (Ask about the Søren/Griffin moment, and all I can do is laugh.) Part three, Grififn and Michael have dinner. And that’s all I can say about it without wanting to dive into SPOILER details. I will say that this answered some questions I always had and gives more insight to story one…

My only complaint about this book is that it was out-of-order, story wise. That being said, it isn’t that much of an issue. Any time I can get a Griff/Mick story, I am a happy girl. This book was pure joy from page flip one to the tear dropping from my eye at the last page flipped on my Kindle screen.

Is this review fair? I can’t say. I mean, Tiffany Reisz is not only a great person to “chat” with on Twitter and Insta, but her stories are unique and smart and funny and hella hot and…well, I find it difficult to ever want to put one down, this one being one of the most difficult ones, because I do love those characters so much. I’ve come to know and love them. And just when I thought I couldn’t see them anymore, here is this book of bliss.

I HIGHLY REC this book! I would say read The Original Sinners stories before diving in so you get a hint of who is who and why they are. And if you have already read them, do yourself a favor and read this collection of pure happiness!

Thanks again for the opportunity to read this. Anytime for you, my Queen, Tiffany Reisz!



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Review: Sweet Rome

Sweet Rome
Sweet Rome by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was more a three and a half stars for me…

Let me explain. I liked the original story a lot. I did. And this story mirrors that original in events, things said, but all from Rome’s POV. Which is why three and a half instead of four. It felt like rerun season. Though a few things were covered like his perspective from a few of the MAJOR events that I was desperate to know, it wasn’t enough new for me.

Granted, Rome still falls for Molly. Molly still loves Rome. And that’s what I liked about the original story. And I enjoyed certain events from Rome’s POV, but…IDK…it felt like it had been covered before. Maybe if it was further timeline…sat from before Molly’s arrival to well after… Or maybe his side of the events was different…I could have given it a solid four.

I will say that had I read this one first, it would be a solid four…but then Sweet Home would have been a three and a half. Really, the two stories are interchangeable. You could pick one and read and you’d get the whole story without losing a thing.

Would I recommend it? Yes, but I say pick one or the other unless you are dying to know what happened that time she/he did… Fill in the blanks. Because I am not going to spoil a thing. (Although it came close. I did have to delete a sentence or two.)


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Review: Sweet Home

Sweet Home
Sweet Home by Tillie Cole
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was what I was hoping to read when I chose the football theme for the month. Just the right amount of romance with the right amount of drama with pieces of football throughout.

Molly Shakespeare (yep, that’s her name…oh, middle name Juliet) is from England, an orpahn of life, working on her master’s and a TA. Romeo Prince (yep, that’s his name, goes by Rome) is the football player for the Crimson Tide, Alabama. Or as in Aggieland, we’d say “That other school from that other state” and add “BTHO Bama.”

But team preferences aside…

Molly and Rome meet and from there, it’s a whirlwind of should we or shouldn’t we? I want you. I need you (and not in that way) and I’m not sure we’re going to be right for each other. Add in fmaily drama and subjects like abuse and money-grubbing and scholarships and… something else I can’t say without a major spoiler…

It was really good. I could imagine this as some drama on network television, the one football season lasting for a good three seasons worth of drama and intensity. I really enjoyed it and was happy that I had the chance to finally read.

Definitely a good read.

*A SPRING TRAINING READ* ~ MARCH 2017 (Sorry for the late review.)

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Review: Long

Long by B.B. Hamel
My rating: 0 of 5 stars

Oh, I hate putting a book on the DNF shelf (did not finish)…but at that 33% mark, I had to.

The voices of the characters were fun. The way they spoke was friendly and calm and I enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy was the constant repetition on what seemed like every page I read. Gibson was a cocky jock and a jerk and so full of himself…And she…(I cannot remember her name right now)…well he liked her but she was annoying…and they kept saying those things just over and over and over. For a few pages, it felt like I had never flipped over to a new page at all.

It got so redundant, I couldn’t get into the story, though I liked the premise…a footballer baby daddy. Also, the language warning…yeah. Take heed in that one. Definitely something I had Captain America admonishing, “LANGUAGE!” in my head often. LoL.

And one tip: When reading this at work, beware of co-workers reading over your shoulder…because they will abscond with your kindle and read it to everyone else in the vicinity. UGH.

I’m not even going to give this stars…I’m just sorry I couldn’t read more.


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Review: After the Rain,

After the Rain,
After the Rain, by Mary J. Williams
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

More like three and a half stars for me.

Logan Price is a man with a plan. Until a football career ending injury took those plans away. He skulked back to his tiny Oklahoma hometown and worked at his Dad’s bar, knowing life and football were done. Enter Claire Thornton, a friend of his old QB on the professional Seattle team. She has a masters in physical therapy and wants to help Logan back into the game.

And so is this part of the story. Logan and Claire working towards goals and goals, hoping that their goals will keep them together and not tear them apart.

I enjoyed the story. It’s one of those “right up my alley” romances I adore. But, two things got to me while reading this.

One was the omniscient style of this third person tale. It was like there were no secrets and sometimes it felt like the story wandered because of that. Not only did you have the two main character’s thoughts, you had the minor characters interjecting. It’s really a me thing, here. With what I usually read, I don’t get the whole kit and caboodle. That took some getting used to for me.

The other thing that got to me was the major jump in the timeline. I get there are only so many pages allowed in a book. I understand the story needs to move. But one moment they’re meeting, the next they’re in bed, the next they’re dating. It went so quick, I kept thinking I was daydreaming and missing the story. I felt lost until the story line slowed to a pace I was more accustomed to.

Other than those two things, I enjoyed the overall story. The events and people made it great. I could see this as a movie on the big screen…or Netflix since that’s how things are going these days. Definitely worth a read once you get into the pattern of the tale.


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