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Review: The One

The One
The One by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So, reading straight into The One, the final book in the trilogy (Though there are two more after this, but I’ll explain in the next review)…

This was more a three and a half stars for me. Why?

I was excited to find out who was going to be Maxon’s chosen one. Though there had been hints here and there and everywhere else, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure he and America would wind up together. I mean, rumor had it he and Celeste, a Two–a model, beauitful and crown hungry–had…well, you know. And Kriss seemed like an abvious choice as she was always, “Yes, Maxon,” “Anything you say, Maxon,” “Anything you want me to do, Maxon.” I almost equated her to Rosie the Robot on The Jetsons. America was really the only one to put up a fight–against him, against the throne, against anything she didn’t believe in.

For a while there, I hoped that fighting with Rebels and Apsen upping his game was going to make America rise above the crop. It seems all she did was push everyone away…and yet bring them all closer. She drove me insane with her “I love Apsen”-“I love Maxon” yo-yo. I screamed a few times for being so in decisive.

And that’s all great, because I loved it.

Where it lost me, my heart, was the way the end felt so rushed. And the way Maxon said something to America…and the way the end happened…and I was infuriated! I felt like a MAJOR CHUNK of the story was missing. And after the last word, there was no way to get it back. My heart had an empty spot that needed to be filled.

*heavy sigh*

That’s why I read into book 4 without reviewing…which is in the far future from these three books. (Which is why I group the first three into their own trilogy and the last two into their own duology.)

Oh, to get some more of America’s story….

Still recommend for the high drama and wonderful story.

*A PROMPOSAL OF A BOOK* ~ April 2017

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Review: Twisted Palace

Twisted Palace
Twisted Palace by Erin Watt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yeah, you see it. Four stars and not five.


Ugh. Okay.

In book one, teenage and very underage, stripper, Ella was “rescued” from her life as a poor, broke high school student by Callum Royal, patriarch of the Royal clan. He found her through a PI after finding a letter from Ella’s mom to his dead best friend, Steve, and took it upon himself to give Ella a better life.

What happened was a whole new sort of drama. Step-mothers gone bad. Money grubbing women who would lie, cheat and steal to keep their status in the NCarolina community. Five sons who abhor Ella’s very existence in their home. Until one Royal decided to give into his burning love for her. Reed.

At the end of the first book Ella took off because she caught money-grubbing Brooke in bed with Reed. Though book two, got that cleared up right away. Thankfully. But it kept up with the high drama. Pregnancy allegations. A runaway Ella. Life gone insanely flipped for the Royals. Just veering out of control. But, Ella came back. She tried this new life once again, eventually forgiving Reed for doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is so soapy good….this is why I couldn’t stop reading!!!

Then we get to book three, after a very twisty ending to book two that was like a slap in the face out of no where that had you seeing stars. Like literally. Like if I didn’t find out the what , who, how immediately, I’d have gone insane!!!

I will say that this book cleared up and wrapped up the whole story nicely. That’s not where I took away one star. For me, it was always a story of Ella and The Royals as a whole family. But in this one, it was more focused on the Ella/Reed love story rather than including the other characters that I was made to love from the other books. It was like part of the magic and fun was gone…well, not entirely gone, but greatly diminished.

There was one question concerning Easton Royal that was left dangling. I sincerely hope that there is more to his story in the future! Because I REALLY LOVED his character! And I want to know…who is the girl?!?!?!?

Other than missing some of the magic, this book was fantastic. Another couldn’t-stop-reading-so-I-read-all-night books. I definitely recommend. Especially if you read the first two. Gotta get those answers.


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