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Review: The Elite

The Elite
The Elite by Kiera Cass
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book made me want to scream!!!

America Singer made it to The Elite–the final six group of girls in a competition to win Prince Maxon’s heart. The problem, America was in denial and still holding onto Aspen Leger, her old flame from Carolina.

So America…One minute she thought she was going all in for the prince. The next, this Aspen character steps back into her life and she’s back to being torn. AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! So that had her questioning everything. Then Maxon goes off and acts bratty or does something to make me mad because he’s driving her away. Then she does something that drives him further away. Then Aspen steps in trying to drive a wedge between them and take America back for his own…

*deep breath*

It’s insane! One minute I was rooting for the prince. The next, I’m rooting for Aspen. Then something else would happen and I’d be back on Team Maxon again…

When I say it made me want to scream, I meant that in the best this-is-way-too-much-drama-but-I-love-it-!!! way possible…

And that’s just The Bachelor part of the story. The other side has this confounding king (Clarkson, whom I hate!) and his people in revolt–the rebels of the north, rebels of the south. It’s almost so Hungar Games with the different places and different social statuses…You know you wantto be on the side of good, but as you read, you question which side is truly the best.

To say I enjoyed this book, would be entirely accurate. Read through it like that. *snap* And couldn’t wait to get to The One…the only thing is…and *SPOILER ALERT*…the Elite were still present. I thought it would be narrowed way down…Nope.

It’s really a great series. Highly rec this one.

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Review: Broken Prince

Broken Prince
Broken Prince by Erin Watt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


WTH is gong on now?

Okay, I’m hoping the readers of this have tackled book one, because I am going to spoil it and try not to ruin book 2. Which was worth well more than the five stars I can give.

First, Ella ran off at the end of book one. THE MAJOR CLIFFIE!!! The Royals–her boyfriend, Reed, and his brothers: Easton, Sawyer, Sebastian, and Gideon–are on the search for the girl. Which had me reading into book two immediately. Would Ella make it back to Reed? Could she forgive him? AND WTF!!!

So…I’m sitting here puffing air into my cheeks realizing that I want to spill the whole kit and kaboodle. Meaning there is more to the douche Delacorte and his drugging girl with X for sex, more to the bitch Jordan who thinks she’s God’s gift, more to Val and her boyfriend Tam…and I just want to spill the beans about it all.

Because this is just so freaking gossipy good. (The best part it’s fake gossip. Which is really the only kind I can get behind.) I read until midnight-thirty last night. Read this morning. Wrote two chapters and planned a different story…and I had to fight the urge, but THE URGE TO READ THIS BOOK WON! And I am jumping immediately into book three.

Because if I don’t this book will be spoiled. All because of another MAJOR FREAKING CLIFFIE ENDING!!!

And if I don’t find out what’s going on soon…*PANDEMONIUM*!



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