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Book Boyfriends – The Lunar Chronicles edition.

Book 2 of the Lunar Chronicles, and I have two new book boyfriends! Yay!  Nothing new really. (see also fangirling)

…oh, that reminds me…before we get too much further…

red alert


This might get a slight bit fangirly and boy crazy. It’s not intentional. These things just happen.


Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the guys.

Captain Carswell Thorne.

Captain is a loose title for a guy that can barely fly the ship he stole. He’s got this Han Solo appeal to me with his beloved jacket and this “hunk of junk” ship that he stole and he doesn’t want people badmouthing. He’s such a smart ass! Again, Han. And I think that’s why I fell for him so easily. He’s my type of guy. As I read him in Scarlet, I flipped through images in my head, trying to find the “right fit” for a guy. Han is Han and cannot be a Carswell no matter what. I tried imagining a younger Jackson Rathbone…but the Texan accent wasn’t working with Thorne all that well. Even though there was a Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth where I lived in school. But no. The correlation wouldn’t stick.

When I read something about his eyes when Cinder looked into them, my mind went to Eggsy…

Eggsy from The Kingsmen. Taron Egerton. And STARS! Fireworks exploded. He fits so well for me. Except the accent. Thorne is American and I have a Dickens of a time trying to put him into an American accent. Especially when I love the British one so much…and the glasses he wears in that movie…but that’s another post. For his voice, I am always slipping into Chris Evans…always Chris Evans…with those snarky lines…I die.

IDKY, but it happens. (It’s so velvety soft to my ears *happy sigh*). But Taron is Thorne…definitely.

As the books go on, I hope to keep liking him. (He really is my favorite character so far.) Thorne is funny and so not with the program yet way ahead of everyone else…I can’t stop the goofy grin on my face when I think about that one part where he did something (NO SPOILERS!) or snarked off a comment to enrage Cinder…I LOVE CAPTAIN AMERICA THORNE! (Cap is for another post at another time. I love him, too.)


Once  his size was noted, I immediately thought of Kellan Lutz in Breaking Dawn ii when he was like über jacked. He is THE MOST MUSCULAR PERSON I have ever met in my life. Seriously. Have you seen him do those no feet push-ups?  Then those pull-ups that never end? I can imagine Wolf doing those very things while barely breaking a sweat.

And he’s really tall, too, so it was so easy to fit him into that role…minus about ten years, and he’d play him in the movie. I think he’d be great as Wolf, too.

Wolf for me, though, is a true love/hate relationship. One minute, I find him endearing and sweet. The next, I’m either PISSED or just gawking at him thinking Unbelievable. He is the Beast to my inner Belle. I want to hug him, but am afraid I might lose an arm, but would totally forgive him as he handed it back to me with apologies. I feel bad for his circumstances. I love that he’s trying to change…and I hope it’s not a ruse…and I hope it’s for Scarlet…and I can’t stop thinking about him either.

But yeah, Kellan Lutz. Definitely.

Now I am on Cress. I hope the guys keep me enchanted. I look forward to finding out more about the guys, but also Cinder and Scarlet…and Cress, of course. As of page 22, I am enraged with Kai. I loathe Levana with every fiber of my being. I’m currently on Wolf’s side again. And look forward to what Captain Charisma is up to…even though Iko is more Captain than he is right now.  I’m sorta wishing on a STAR for a new character to come along…and for Kai to get his head on straight so I can like him…

And if you haven’t read any of The Lunar Chronicles, you won’t understand any of this.
To which I will say, “Go read it so we can discuss this stuff!”


Chris Evans gif found on giphy.com
Kellan Lutz gif was pinned on my pinterest board but originally found on ilovemormonvampires on tumblr.Jackson Rathbone image is my own personal image from the 100 Monkeys show in Denver, August 13, 2011.
The other images were found through random googling, or on my pinterest board and altered by me in photoshop for purposes of casting my new book boyfriends.


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Casting Couch.

Another post of random blathering, feel free to ignore…

Sometimes, I think I’ve missed my calling. I should have been a casting director.

I get über picky about who is cast as someone who should be related. In my opinion, they should at least look alike, have some sort of commonality to them. And they should be matched in acting ability so the flow of the piece being filmed works.

Over the years, there have been quite a few. The easiest one is Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem. They could be twins, matching accents or not. Maybe, like Disney’s The Parent Trap, their parents split up and they were separated, one of them going to Spain while the other remained in America. Or maybe their dad had an affair on a business trip to Spain or something. It’s more plausible than Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger as twins, because nothing about them match…not even eye color or hair color.

Last spring, while watching The Royals on E!, I came across British actor Jack Derges (who is really a sweet guy if you talk to him on Twitter, also in HUMANS on AMC). Well, the first moment I saw him, I thought of his perfect sibling match: James Marsden. Yes, there is a slight age difference, but then maybe Jack was the surprise baby in their family. Even if they were cast as being closer in age, pure sibling!

Then, over the weekend, I was perusing tumblr and something was brought to my attention. And special thanks goes out to @steverogersnotebook and @captaincorrupter for making sure I can NEVER UNSEE it.

Young Mark Hamill and Sebastain Stan look so eerily alike. I’d never noticed, probably because I tend to think of Seb Stan in guyliner, thanks to winter soldier.

JJ Abrams should pay attention to this. Cast Seb as Luke’s son and leave Rey where she belongs–Han and Leia’s daughter. And if he needs more prodding and convincing, I can cross it over for him. Winter Soldier was deposited on our random blue orb in a singular sun solar system, hiding him from anything the Jedi could have. But, while Bucky Barnes wasn’t raised in the ways of the force, he knew he was different. That is why he protected Steve Rogers when they were young. Though not muscular, he had an inhuman speed and could out think those bullies. Now, much like his unknown father he fell from a great height only to survive. Luke fell from Cloud City, while Bucky plummeted from a Hydra train in the Alps. Also, like his father…and his grandfather, Vader/Anakin, he has the missing arm syndrome. It seems the men in that family can’t catch a break and wind up with something robotic in nature as their appendage. Just saying.

Plus, they really do look alike!

Then last night, I ran out of Pretty Little Liars. (I need the first half of season six STAT if anyone know where I can find it…) So the youngling chose a new show on Netflix to watch. Baby Daddy. Whatever. It’s a cute little sitcom. I wasn’t entirely paying attention to the first episode as I was cooking, but on the second episode, I sat and asked what I missed…and I looked up at the screen and my eyes went wide. “That guy looks just like Chris Pratt. Is that his brother?” An iMDB inquiry later, and nope! They aren’t even related outside of the fact that the cities they’re from I’ve lived in…

So my newest find for brothers of the year:

They both have that tall, handsome, adorkable, sweet guy thing going for them. And I feel like Derek Theler should show up in the next Jurassic as Chris Pratt’s/Owen’s  brother…for whatever reason they have to escape the dinosaur laden island this time. The raptors would get confused and start following around the bumbling brother…total comedy ensues…

Dare to daydream.

All right…enough procrastinating. I need to finish out the epilogue/after the credits piece to Wings and officially finish it.


That is all for the random blathering today. This post will be filed under casting couch and random blathering.

All images were found through google search and edited with the PICPLAYPOST and OVER apps on my iPad.


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