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Review: Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols.

Most Likely to Succeed (Superlatives, #3)Most Likely to Succeed by Jennifer Echols
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Maybe…it’s what I call the “third book effect”… By that, I mean, in most series, I tend to love the third book more than the first and second–this one is no exception. I already know the characters. I comfortable in the setting. I enjoy peeking more into the world these characters live in.

So maybe that’s why I have such deep feels for Kaye’s and Sawyer’s stories.

Kaye and Sawyer were voted The Perfect Couple That Never Was. Due to a miscount, it was given to Harper and Brody (in the last book)…but as the mistake came to light, it made this crush Sawyer had on Kaye unbearable and had Kaye considering what if…

Never mind that she had a boyfriend that she planned to marry. Never mind that she was voted Most Likely to Succeed along with said guy, Aiden. Never mind that this had been her one and only.

The drama in this book was teen angsty at its best. There were terse moments and sweet moments and it was just a great balance with a great story.

What I loved about this book, as opposed to the first two, was that Kaye and Sawyer didn’t have a moment where it felt like their story was over. It didn’t have that “ending after the end” this time. It’s a personal thing, but I liked that so much about this one, so that when the ending hit, it felt right and perfect.

Again, it’s a personal opinion.

I’d rec this one if you’ve read the first two books. I’d say read it as a stand alone, but then there might be some slight confusion about the people and places. But no matter, this one is worth a read.


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Review: Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols.

Perfect Couple (Superlatives, #2)Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another FOUR STAR win from Jennifer Echols!

Book one was Tia and Will’s story. This book covers Tia’s BFF Harper and the quarterback of the football team, Brody.

Where Tia was the party girl, Harper is the introvert. She’s had a few boyfriends in her past. Well, three, and with reason. She’s never explored outside of a kiss. Never wanted anything more than going into art school and doing photography. Pretty much had her life planned out. Meanwhile, Brody is the experienced footballer. He parties. He has girls crushing on him. He’s even had a girlfriend or twenty…in a nontraditional sense.

Then the senior class got together and voted these two: The Perfect Couple That Never Was. And it slapped both of them in the face.

Harper began to question her life choices and current boyfriend. Brody thought, “Hell, why not?” And so it goes, they tried a date. Like all good teen stories, this is where the angst, love, should we/shouldn’t we sort of stories start up. And this was one of the better rides I’ve read since I was in middle school and reading high school drama stories.

I hate not being able to say more. I want to go all soapy drama chatter right now about Harper and how she handled this title and Brody and his ways…AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Before I spoil anything, I will add that this story also had an “End before the end”. I would have been happy with a certain moment where it was all HEA-ish, but there is more…

And now that I’m thinking about it, could we get a book four for this series with a little bit of short stories to catch us up with the main characters so I’d know if they made it to prom and/or beyond?

I definitely recommend this book. I would read book one first, though I’m not entirely sure this book couldn’t stand alone with just a few crossover characters. I say no matter, pick it up and enjoy the ride!

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Review: Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols.

Biggest Flirts (Superlatives, #1)Biggest Flirts by Jennifer Echols
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Teen angst? Yes.

Drama? Yes.

Fun? Definitely.

I was wandering the aisles of Book Stop, having finally found a book I’d been looking for and saw the big book called, “Most Likely To” by Jennifer Echols. I picked it up and scoffed at the cover. Pulled the information up on Amazon and read. Something about the way this read that had me sliding the book on the shelf and rolling my eyes.

Then the inner voice said, “Go ahead. Pick it up and read it.” And I bought it.

And that’s where my gut-feeling was right. Definitely worth a read.

Tia is the band-geek-slash-party-girl and really didn’t care about doing much more than drumming.
Will is a drummer-slash-hockey-player who just moved to Florida from Minnesota and he’s about to melt in the heat. They meet at an end of summer party, where Tia was on her way to being drunk and Will was just trying to stay cool. Two words: Meet and Cute.

What goes from there is a budding friendship…that turns into a mess of girlfriends, boyfriends, and flirtations. To the point that their senior class voted the two of them as The Biggest Flirts. (The titile!) I would say it’s typical in a teen book, but the circumstances and the story are too fun for that. Way too fun[ny].

The only thing that stuck out as odd to me was what I’m going to call “the end before the actual end.” What that means is that I felt like the story had a great moment to stop. Things were perfect. But then the story kept going a little further with drama and angst before the final, final ending. I enjoyed having more of the characters, but it wasn’t wholly necessary. (After reading the second book, I feel that this is the author’s style, so I’m cool with that. Plus extra moments with characters/stories I’ve enjoyed are a bonus.)

And this cover…it looks like it belongs more to the second story in the series and the second one’s cover looks like it would belong to this story…mostly because when I read Tia was part Puerto Rican with long legs, that looked like the other girl more. But that’s a little “me thing” that I’m still trying to figure out. Anyway…

This is a DEFINITE RECOMMEND for me. Yes, read it. Don’t question it. Don’t look at the cover and think book 2’s and this one should be switched. (Because I do.) Just pick it up, open it, and enjoy the FUN that this book is.


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