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Review: The Woman in the Window.

The Woman in the WindowThe Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay…full disclosure…I LOVE HITCHCOCK’S REAR WINDOW. DISTURBIA (Shia La Beuf movie) even more. The whole intrigue of seeing a possible something from the safety of your home, though you might not be safe and can’t really help…

This was one of those stories I just couldn’t bare to put down.

Anna Fox lives in her New York City brownstone, alone and agoraphobic. She keeps in touch with the outside world through her camera lens and a website for those stuck in their homes by their own psychological issues. A new neighbor moves in…and that’s just only the beginning.

I’m trying to think of things I can say that won’t spoil it. I mean, new neighbors, a crime happens, witness stuck in their home but tries their damnedest to help out…typical story like this…BUT…

This story seriously had you thinking one thing when in reality it was twenty other things. The twists turned into twists upon themselves. Usually, I read something like this and I have it figured out within the first 100 pages (the whole story…where I just keep reading to see how correct my assessments were), but this tale… I only figured out one piece of the over all puzzle before the first 100 pages were read. The rest…again, very twisty and quite a bit was unexpected and I just didn’t see coming at all. SO MANY MANY MANY POINTS for this author for keeping me surprised.

Overall, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE! It was nice to be surprised. Especially when I know/love stories similar to this…definitely worth a read!

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Reading Theme ~ March 2017.

Last year, I went springtime crazy.

This year I promised myself not to do that. And while strolling through the many, many books on my TBR lists, I thought about touching on a spring cleaning theme because I have a lot of series where I’ve only read a book or two and I need to finish them out.

No, I promise not to go there…
I could focus on the color green, since it is March and doesn’t touch on spring with a word. (Not that much green on book covers, I’ve noticed.)

Or I could read stories about Leprachauns, Lions, and Lambs.

I’m not  a small child and I’ve read the Twilight series plenty of times already.

Then, during the Super Bowl, it hit me. I have a little obsession about Quarterbacks and Tight Ends…and I promise I’m only sticking to football player positions here. I think it was because I was writing on book 4 of my series, Human Touch. One of the MC’s is a quarterback and one of the others is a tight end…while googling for football college info, I realized that my footballers would be starting up spring training on their college team right about…oh…like today. If they were real students at A&M…

Anyway, since I own this random, odd collection of books (mostly romances, mostly on my kindle) (okay, all of them are on my kindle) concerning football players, I thought why not.

Books to tackle this month:

All the Glory by Elle Casey

I am currently almost at the end of this one…just waiting to see if my guess is right.

After the Rain by Mary J Williams

Off Sides by Sawyer Bennett

Long by BB Hamel

Risky Game by Tracy Solheim

Draw Play by Tia Lewis

Sweet Rome series by Tillie Cole

Seems like I’m running back to my old ways of romances only, doesn’t it?

Again, a weakness of mine, since my footballers rest in my mind, heart, and soul since their inception in 2012.

In a way, I kept my theme away from spring, since football is more a late summer/fall/winter sport.
In another, I totally did not keep “spring” from springing up. Ahhh, well…

This month’s theme:

March 2017
Spring Training

What are you all looking at reading this month?


all gifs are from: giphy.com
all images are screen caps from my kindle app.

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Reading Theme – May 2016.

It wasn’t that difficult to decide on a theme for this month. There was always the option of celebrating May the Fourth be with you. Another easy out would be Captain America: Civil War as it comes out in a few days…May 5th for early viewings, May 6th wide in the US (Canada, I think, too.). There’s always another spring pun in the works, but three in a row(Spring into Summer)? Umm…no. So many themes, I was about to resort to making a theme rule for my themes, which is how this TBR project got started.

But then it dawned on me…”Maestro!”

(the 80s-ness of this video…LOL)

MayDay! I need a hero.

Han Solo…

Captain America…

or even Agent Carter.

(Yes, the forever-ship rears its head again.)

This month, I will be tackling stories with a hero–fiction and non, graphic novels and normal ones.

There are so many reading options on my TBR list for May:

Waiting for Clark by Annabeth Albert ~ LGBT rom/com with comic con and superhero cosplays

Fallout (Lois Lane) by Gwenda Bond ~ The life and times of Lois Lane before the Super Man.
(I actually started a few days ago when last month’s TBR list was completed…and I think I’m falling back into my old forever ship with this one.)

Agent Carter: Season One Declassified by Sarah Rodriguez ~ A beautiful book covering one of the best heroes (heroines) in the Marvel Universe, IMO.

Rocket Racoon Vol.2 ~ just because I adore Rocket and Groot.

I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest ~ a mix between a graphic novel and a classic novel all in purple ink.

Zodiac Legacy – Convergence by Stan Lee/Stuart Moore/Andie Tong ~ What I am hoping is like a YA X-Men meets Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. story

And hopefully I’ll get my hands on:

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War: The Art of the Movie

Will I find my hero?

I’m definitely going to try…

What’s on your reading list for May [2016]?

All images are mine – either taken with my phone or screenCAPped from my tablet.

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Monthly Reading Theme – February 2016.

I was so busy writing and drawing, I almost forgot to announce this month’s theme.

February is too easy with all that’s going on this month.

It’s Black History month.

Then tomorrow is Groundhog’s Day.

The SuperBowl seems to have migrated over from January permanently.

Of course, Cupid’s Birthday *looks at Quentin Darrows*, Valentine’s Day.

President’s Day.

Then, this year is special with that extra Day added on:
Leap Day!
(my official un-birthday for this year)

So many different themes are available. I could go for the obvious romance, but I don’t want to be that easy–combining Valentines with the Super Bowl, I did lean towards romantic erotic novels starring faux footballers (not you McLane, though I could write one) and, admittedly, I do have some in the Kindle. I should read something historical. Honestly, I probably would add more to my DNF list than actually read if I went in that direction. I would LOVE to read some diverse MC’s, but I read those anyway, though they are difficult to find. Have never seen an adult or YA Groundhog Day book. Add Leap Day to that list–not going to count the movie novelizations should there be any.

But I’m not doing any of those.

What is February?

That’s right. The shortest month of the year, every year.

Going with that thought, I am pulling out my short story compilations. I won’t reread my older Stephen King ones (Skeleton Crew and Different Seasons) but am hoping to find my hardback copy of Full Dark, No Stars. I also have Joe Hill and Owen King (maybe I have a Stephen King theme going after all since they are his sons).

Then, of course, to overlook the Tiny Stories books would be a crime. (The first one was read a few years ago. Just fun.)

I’ll also take any compilations or novella recs you all have…in case I run out of tales.

Thanks in advance.

*SHORTY FEBRUARY* it is! As soon as I finish the last bit of The Oddifts…because, again, I’ve been busy writing and drawing on a story for a project I forgot about.

Happy Reading! And please share what you plan to read this month.


all images are my own screen caps of my kindle.

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Reading Theme: January 2016.

This reading theme thing is fantastic. I wish I thought about it years ago. Instead of spending weeks looking through my books, trying to whittle my choices down, I stick to the theme and read from there. I haven’t been lost for a book to read in just over six months. Yay!

Last month (December 2015), what little I did read, was Star Wars related books…as if that isn’t painfully obvious to figure out as to why.

Well, the plan I had, was to read The Force Awakens, the book last month. But, only the Kindle version was released. And while I do have a Kindle and could read it, I want the hardback book more. Because Barnes & Noble has a special edition version with bonus stuff coming out…and that’s the one I want need want need, making this month’s theme a little more difficult to come up with.

Or not.

I mean, for Christmas, I get an assortment of books anyway–from graphic novels to longer-than-years-thick books to quirky reads.

 JANU-RANDOM it is! Any book from any genre/theme as long as it’s newer than older.

What are you reading this month?


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