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Review: Meet Cute.

Meet CuteMeet Cute by Sydney Logan

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

So why two stars for a story that was a definite meet cute? Well…

First and foremost, I thought this story was going to be a story. Not a short snippet or two. It felt like there was nothing to the story, to me. I sort of like the angst that goes after the meet cute part of a tale. I just didn’t realize it was a VERY SHORT story, so I went into this expecting more than the initial meeting.

Second, it felt like the part that was there was VERY glossed over. Like a basic summary rather than the piece of story itself. I felt like I wanted more. It’s a me thing, for sure.

I did like the “meet cute” moment. It really was cute. I would have loved the whole story rather than a moment or two. But then, I’m greedy like that, especially after the two main characters meet in such a ….lets go with…unique way.

Would I recommend this book? If someone is looking for something very short and cute to read…sure? I mean there really isn’t much to recommend as far as story goes. I’d probably wind up telling the person the whole story while in the process of trying to explain it.

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Review: Lost & Found

Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1)Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a great THREE AND A HALF STARS for me.

Ahh…the story of Rowen and Jesse…and a location I didn’t like when I lived there, though now I miss so much about it (seasons, mountains, etc.), Montana.

A troubled girl is shipped off to a Montana ranch to learn about responsibility and how to not sleep around. It sounds very typical for an angsty new adult sort of tale. And maybe it is, but you know what? I love that sort of stuff. The characters are what hooked you into the story right from the moment a goth girl boot hit Montana soil from the step of a bus.

So Rowen was sent off by her mother to this ranch. Where in which she encounters Jesse Walker. And so begins a tale of romance and cheating and so many twists… Things that made my stomach drop. Things that…hit too close to home, so to speak. I kind of want to spill all this tea, but for some reason, I’m adamant about keeping the spoilers away.

So what can I say?

Rowen meets Jesse and his family. She meets a bad-boy-cowboy… Lots of drama. Angst for sure, and not the typical teen kind. And a yearning to read the other books in this series. (Yes, I know these stories are older by now, but that’s how I tend to read a tale–way later than everyone else.)

The only thing I didn’t like was what I call the “repetitive idea” of how the character thinks. But then, I’m just stupid picky like that. And don’t let that keep you from reading this tale. Especially if you’re looking for a great dramatic romance with the perfect-ish ending…Ish because it had to end…which NO!!!!! DON’T END!!!!

Yes, Read this one! Just do it and thank me later. If you like romance, that is.


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Review: We’re All Damaged

We're All Damaged
We’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four stars to the RomCom that had me laughing.

This book I chose for my Prime/Kindle free book for May. I read the reviews and honestly didn’t think I’d enjoy it. Just a quick read with a story that piqued my interest…

…and next thing I know, I’m laughing and smiling and thinking how this book is something like Our Idiot Brother (the brilliance of Paul Rudd) meets Greedy (1990s, Michael J Fox movie). There wasn’t anything I couldn’t find to like about this book.

Andy Carter. This poor guy. He’s in his thirties. Divorced after his wife left him in the rudest of ways. Suffering what his family thinks is a mid-life crisis, having to move to NYC from Omaha. Going home for his dying grandpa. Meeting a girl…who, in her own right, is a little bizarre, a way bit weird, and so helpful when it comes to bringing Andy from his shell.

I could picture this as a movie. Sweet, funny, crazy in some spots. A whacked out family, who looks perfect to the world, but is nothing more than smoke and mirrors in their quirky ways. Sort of a straight-laced tale, but there’s always a knot in the lace somewhere. I couldn’t stop reading, it was that enjoyable.

Definitely give this one a read! I am so glad I chose it in May, even happier I decided to give it a go.


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Review: My Heart and Other Black Holes

My Heart and Other Black Holes
My Heart and Other Black Holes by Jasmine Warga
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t know how it happened. I was teetering around four stars until the very end when I knew FOUR AND A HALF was more the answer.

Aysel (pronouned UH-zel) is a very smart yet very depressed girl, looking for a suicide partner. She finds one online in a guy from the next town over in rural Kentucky, Roman. Once the deal is made, the two barrel
towards April 8th and their impending suicides.

From there, the story takes off on this twisting, and so very sad and depressive journey. Not only do we find out why these two want to end their lives, but whether they’ll survive beyond the first week of April.

I swear I have never read anything so down. I had to blink back tears quite a few times. There were moments where I thought I would put the book down and walk away, crying into a wadded up tissue. Only to return to the book, new tissue in hand, just hoping that maybe….oh please, oh please, oh please…maybe something would change for the better. Up until the end when I sat agog, staring at my kindle until the power died and the screen greyed.

And I was left to think about this book…way beyond…and I’m still thinking about this. It was unlike any YA I’ve read before. I couldn’t recommend this book more…It took my breath away.

*A BEACH READ ~ jULY 2016*

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Review: Ant-Man: Natural Enemy

Ant-Man: Natural Enemy
Ant-Man: Natural Enemy by Jason Starr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 stars!!!

What’s not to love about the Scott Lang incarnation of Ant-Man? Humor? Sarcasm? His daughter? His new life as a reformed criminal? Sure. It’s all here.

Under The Cover: Much like the Captain America prose novel, Ant-Man has a thick, black cover with a red Ant-Man helmet/logo/symbol. Very nice Ant-Man art.


The art within the pages: Unlike the Captain America prose novel, the Ant-Man prose novel didn’t have as much art inside. Each chapter has a few ants “crawling” on the pages. The front matter has more ants crawling about and some Ant-Man images. And the exterior cover has Ant-Man riding on Ant-thony (what I call him because of the Cineverse) on the front and Scott and his daughter Cassie on the back.





The Story: Scott Lang has been Ant-Man for a few years. Divorced about the same amount of time. He’s living in NYC with his “teen”–yeah, Cassie is a TEEN now…where did the time go?–daughter. He does what he needs to do to get by, working as a cable tech. And he’s giving back…help get crime off the streets. All while trying to keep being the best dad he can for Cassie. Even freaking out when she professes her adoration for a boy at school. Up until an old criminal “friend”, but I’ll call him cohort, decides to make sure Scott pays for testifying against him.

Yep, that’s right. Ant-man is in protective custody.

This was really great. An original story for Ant-Man, created to work between the comics and movies. (IMO from the information about the book, though no one has fully stated that.) Scott is sarcastic, funny, and a great dad. Cassie is like a bonus to this story. I’m sure people read that she’s an integral part of the story, and assume she’s going to get in the way. She doesn’t. Her parts (it’s told in third person, alternating between Scott’s and Cassie’s part of the story) add to and do not detract from the story. There’s even random mentions of Cap (Captain America), Iron Man, and Spidey. Tony Stark does play a slight role within the pages, too.

A few parts had me laughing so hard. A few had me holding my breath. And that one burning question…who’s that girl? It all came together smoothly to make for a fun story. I’d recommend this to anyone loving on Team Cap right now. Or even Scott Lang.

*I NEED A HERO READ – MAY 2016* This was a last minute accidental find. So worth it!

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