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A Second Chance at a First Encounter.

This is the story/art journal I sent in for The Sketchbook Project’s Fiction Project.
The prompt was: A message from a past self.

The book has officially been digitized and is online now. Yay!
You can see it here: {A second chance at a first encounter.}

The message to myself: Quit avoiding life. Get out there and try something.

Because I do chicken out…of a lot of things. I blame shyness and being insecure…and my over-reactiveness to being shy and insecure. I stick my foot in my mouth often.  (Ask Jackson Rathbone…to this day, I swear I’m on a list.)

The images are reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz (the movie). Black and white indicate a blah life, but trying something new, meeting someone new, has brought a whole new spectrum to my world. But, it does take time to acclimate, which is why the colors are greyed and become clearer over time.  Putting myself out there would be something big, but my color my world in many splendiferous ways.  (Yes, I know that’s not a real word. I use it all the time, though.) The story is told through the email from the future (the typed parts) and the voices of what might be (the handwritten sayings in quotes). In my head, it would be a short film with a voice over narrating the current timeline, keeping the black-and-white-to-technicolor-theme. (The pizza place image I drew was totally influenced by the movie Before We Go. I’m telling you,that brilliant piece of art is going to stick with me for the rest of my life.)

Just wanted to share that it’s out there.

I’m posting my scanned images below the jump…in case you don’t feel like perusing the link.

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This is going back, way back in time, without a DeLorean to get me there fast.

Okay, so my BFF (HI YOU!) asked if someone could read one of my long forgotten tales…and I don’t mind. Maybe there’s something I missed on that first draft story that still leaves it incomplete and in first draft status to this day, although I finished typing it almost three years ago. And I was thinking what else could be read. What else haven’t I finished.

As I was going back through the 73 (Yes, I have seventy-three–holy cow! I didn’t know there were that many of them–finished and unfinished files/stories, not including the idea lists) I found one of my most favorite tales tucked away in a folder. I thought it was long gone. I thought it had been lost forever when a teacher erased my hard drive last year. I remember it, but could never get back the way it read or the way it felt on the screen. To rewrite it would be to destroy it.

I’m glad I didn’t try. While it’s no longer in the style of how I write now, I cherish it immensely. The perfectionist in me wants to make it updated and fix it to what I do now, but my soul has slapped the perfectionist’s hands away. It was good enough to get quite a few likes back in the day when all my stories wound up on ff.net.

While I get ff is sometimes frowned upon, Twilight FF more often than not, I am going to post it here… It was always meant to be shared within the contest I wrote it for and for everyone who just adored Jasper and the band 100 Monkeys (I miss them so hard…just miss them!). I’m not ashamed of where I came from because it’s truly helped me find myself and let me go to where I need to go. It’s all just part of this path I found one day. Without it, I wouldn’t be here now.

Why do I feel like I just gave a speech at the Oscars?

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