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“Hey, 6B.” – chapter 12

Story Summary: Bucky is on a Mission: Find out about his past and try to remember the Man in Blue. His “mission” takes him to Boston where he meets the fun and flirty, Colin Shea. With Colin’s help, he might just find all the answers he’s been searching for…but he also might find love. With outside pressures, Bucky has to decide between remaining in the dark and staying with Colin or going after the man who haunts his nightmares.

Crossover: What’s Your Number? meets Captain America: Winter Soldier/The Avengers/Captain America: Civil War (more the movies and less the books or graphic novels)

Rating: R if this was a movie. MA if it was a TV show. Mature on Archive of Our Own. Not rated on Tumblr. There is some LGBTQ/slash sexual situations, though nothing erotic. It’s a simple Rated-R romcom. No porn. (Think along the lines of Wings meets Love, Darrows, kiTT.) As Cap would say: Language! Because yes, there is some language and double entendres. Not so much violence as of now.

Genre: RomCom/Action

Chapter word count: 1,186

Characters: James Buchanan Barnes “Bucky”, Colin Shea, Simon Forrester (from WYN played by Matrin Freeman who is now Everett K. Ross in Civil War), Clint Barton, OFC Dane. You all know I’m abbreviating that to be “Original Fictional Character” and not “Original Male Character”, right? (I always get these things wrong, but I’m still marching forward to the beat of my own drummer.)

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their original creators. There is no copyright infringement intended. This is all done in fun and love for my favorite movies. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

Notes:  First off, this chapter ends that round of typing craze. Yay. Second…There was a moment, towards the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Clint Barton/Hawkeye was mumbling under his breath all the horrible things he could do to Quicksilver just for being that PITA. That moment has been stuck in my mind since….




My shoulder feels like it’s made of bouncing rubber. The waves rocket though my arm and into my chest as I flail about. My metal hand clasps around the wrist of the sleep assassin. My eyes crack open to find Colin, hair disheveled and eyes sleepy, staring down at me.

“It’s four in the morning. Aren’t you usually shuffling around your apartment at this time, getting ready for work?”

I survey my surrounds. Giant white board on the wall—containing new and old names in our mission. Unmade double bed by the window. A couch. I release his hand and sit up, scrubbing the sleep away, hands scraping against the stubble on my cheeks. “Um…yeah. I should probably go.” I glance at Colin over my shoulder. “Sorry you didn’t get any sleep.”

Colin shrugs. “That’s okay. I know a guy who can get me some free wake up juice later. Say ten?”

“Sure thing. I’m there until eleven today.”

He smiles, but it lasts only a moment before his expression turned serious. “We never did talk about that kiss, Buck.”

I get to my feet, shaking my head. “It was…” I try to muster enough saliva in my dry mouth to dislodge the knot in my throat. “…public displays of affection make people uncomfortable. Their gazes never linger for long on people being passionate.”

He leans on his hands to get closer to me, planting them on the back of the couch. “You’re telling me that you only did it because of that guy, Rumlow? That you didn’t…feel something in that kiss?”

The border between Colin and I—the couch—almost fades into nothingness when we stare each other down. He’s taking in every detail about me, reading my eyes, watching my mouth for a hint, all with questioning eyebrows and a quick breath. I’m almost positive he’s leaning so close he can hear the thudding of my nervous heart. But I keep my stare, like any good soldier, and hope that no emotions are visible.

Because, what I felt…

It doesn’t matter what I felt. “What happened to that no strings guy in 6A? I miss him.” I force out a laugh and walk for the door. “I’ve got to get going before I’m late. See you at ten.”

The difficult part of the morning was not looking back when I left his apartment.


“What’s the name on that Vanilla Chai Tea Latte?” I ask, resting the Sharpie against the cup.

“Simon,” the fellow says with a heavy British accent.

I’m not sure I can trust this man’s accent. His hair is greying and cut close to his head. Those sharp eyes of a military man. He reminds me of the man I saw on the news related to the king of Wakanda…the UN summit with The Avengers. Iron Man specifically. Everett Ross.

But he’s in New York right now. I’m fine. It’s safe.

I quickly scribble the name “Semen” and set his cup in the queue on the counter. “It’ll be just a moment.”

“Simon” moves to the other end of the counter. And morning life proceeds as normal with the noticeable absence of the red-head this morning. Thankfully. Maybe she gave up trying to find me. Or has decided that I’m not the man from that fight in DC after all. I hope.

A man walks into See You Latte and strides up to the counter. He’s tall and confident as he snarks something under his breath. “Hey, I’ll have a hot chocoffee.”

Um…“What? Did you mean like a mocha?”

He scrubs his hand through his short, messy hair. A nervous little laugh titters in the air. “It’s what I call my drink when I mix hot chocolate and coffee? Can you do that?”

I shrug and ask Dane, “Can we do that?”

Dane nods. “Ring it up as a mocha and I’ll craft it myself.”

I do exactly that like the good soldier I am as the man’s blue eyes watch. He tells me the size and flavors to add. I reach over and pick up a grande cup and pull out the Sharpie. “What will be the name on that?”

“Clint,” he answers and stares me down. Waiting. As if his blue eyes and long nose, t-shirt and jeans attire in conjunction with his name is supposed jog lose a memory causing me to fling my arms around him as though he’s my long-lost brother.

I scribble down the name and tell him his total. He pays with his card on the machine in front of him. He signs his name—Clint Barton—and offers a quick smile.

“Hey, 6B. My coffee ready?”

Clint turns a pointed glare at Colin. But Colin does what he does best and play it off like he’s done nothing wrong, asking, “Were you not finished? When you swiped the card, I thought you were done. But if you’re still ordering, I’ll gladly take a cannoli as a peace-offering for this misunderstanding.”

Clint’s square jaw sharpens as it tenses. He mumbles, “If I took him out, no one would miss him,” and turns, his gaze lingering on me for another long moment before moving to the end of the counter.

“Semen, chai tea latte?” Dane wrinkles his nose and makes a gagging noise.

Colin busts out laughing, clutching the shirt over his left pec as his other hand slams into the counter. “Oh, Buck…that’s so excellent.”

Dane sets the drink down on the counter and turns to me, tossing a quick glare at Colin. “Let’s not do that one again, okay? We want our customers to know their drinks are semen free.”

I nod at Dane but can’t help the laugh. “Okay, Dane.”

“Calm down, Dane,” Colin says. “Buck’s just doing his job. Remember that time I wrote Fu—”

Dane holds up a hand cutting Colin’s sentence short. “I remember. Bucky, get his order and get him moving.”

Colin leans on the register, head casually falling my way. “So, my usual order, and I have some news.”

Dane’s eyes widen and he clears his throat. “Hot chocoffee for…Clit?”

Clint’s mouth drops open and he stares at me. I shrug and offer a slight smile, but that does nothing to lighten his mood as he reaches for his drink.

Meanwhile, Colin’s loud, immediate laugh startles some of the patrons. “I can’t believe you had the balls to write that, Buck.”

“Bucky, we need to talk,” Dane growls. “In the back, now.”

Dane stalks off, slamming into the swinging doors. I shake my head and tell Colin as I hand him his pastry, “I’m probably getting fired.”

“It happens to the best of us,” Colin says, licking the crème off the end of the cannoli in a tempting teasing way. his eyes connected to mine and eventually rolling in pleasure. His deep purring hum sends a wave of heat through me like I’m witnessing something I shouldn’t. I can’t look away without seeming shy, but watching him…

Mission three is moving up the ranks.

“Come to my place right after work and we’ll talk.”

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End Notes: Thank you for reading.




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Sick as a Dog, reporting for duty. #AmPlotting, #AmListening

Having the flu and severe allergies at the same time is never fun. Can’t sleep. Can’t breathe. Can’t really run around and do things, yet I have to really run around and do things. I may be down, but I am not out.

Thankfully, my mind is still running at more than full speed. Although the things I think…

If you’ve been to the theatre lately, you may have seen this little animated film with Rock, Paper, & Scissors teaching how wrong it is to bully and judge others. It’s so cute! And it got me to thinking about Sheldon Cooper’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock…(and if you need that explanation, I am including the video…)

When I woke up at one in the morning, for some reason, I thought about another variation that even Sheldon would play.

The Avengers version of Rock, Paper, Scissors: Hammer, Fist, Palms, Arrow, Shield. Okay, I figure that Thor’s Hammer could knock Hulk’s fist away. Hulk’s fist could easily take the brunt of Iron Man’s energy pulse shot from his palms. Iron Man’s palms could shoot a pulse to knock out any of Hawkeye’s arrows. And Cap’s Shield would just beat all. Because, you know, #TeamCap. (Sorry, I haven’t thought of a great one for Black Widow…or Ultron…or Scarlet Witch yet. It’s probably sad enough, that we don’t play shotgun around these parts when claiming the front passenger seat…We play CHEWIE. Because if your riding in Mille–so named for the Falcon–only Chewbacca can sit there.)

This is the sort of things I think about when I’m ill.

Which can be great. Like at three this morning when I finally realized what other twists I could add to the new story I’m plotting out. But, do I thank my ill mind for making a breakthrough or do I credit the new musical score I’ve been listening to. (Motion Picture Scores = Story/Character/Location Creation for me.)

The Batman (bleh) vs. Superman score by both Hans Zimmer (Inception, Batman, Man of Steel scores) and Junkie XL (Divergent score) has been PERFECT for this story that still has a teetering title. The drama, the action, the moments.

It’s all unlocking. It’s almost genius how three unrelated stories are combining into one awesome megalith of a tale…that I still don’t know if it will be one [probably] long story or broken up into multiple stories. There’s still a lot of plotting going on, but it’s getting faster and faster as it comes together in my head and in my journal.

              the current story journal.

I’m excited about this story! So as the sick days drag on, I hope to finish typing out “Hey, 6B.” I have a few CP chapters to tackle. And I hope to have compiled enough ideas to do a rough plot of chapters…though I know I may never adhere to the initial plan. Oh, and type out another review for the Lunar Chronicles series.

Hope you all are well and avoiding this Flu bug…

all gifs found on: giphy.com

images are mine~The Avengers was screen CAPped (TOTAL PUN INTENDED) with my phone.

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