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I love some books to death.

What do I do with a book I really love?

I destroy it. In a sense.

Back when I was younger, I tried my dernedest to not bend the spines on my paperbacks. Pet Sematary and Misery were perfection when you looked at the spine, but to look at the covers…they were torn, barely surviving with the bends and so very loved. Back to the Future and Ferris Bueller books, too.

But then for a long while I just didn’t read but the random Stephen King book and some comics…mostly nerd into hero stuff. *sigh* But most stories just didn’t grab my attention.

Until I came upon a little movie I wanted to see. And this movie was a book before. But like I do, I wait until I see the movie before reading a book. Just because I know I’ll hate the movie…and I get character voices so I don’t have to listen to my own drone on and on as I read…The movie was Twilight. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everyone has such a love/hate thing for that movie/book series. I don’t care what people say; for me, it opened a world.

I read those four books in four days. And of the four, my favorite is…

Something about Eclipse spoke to me. I can’t explain it. I could read that book every day and never get tired of it. There’s all sorts of back stories…so much going on in the story itself…Jasper got to have a voice. It made me want to read…and note…and draw…

It’s the first one I’ve actually loved to the point it’s falling apart. You could probably ask what page what event happened, and I’d flip through and find it through all my notations…and if I couldn’t find it, I’d make sure to mark it.

And then I saw a book at Costco. The Night Circus. It could have been the black and white cover or the premise, but something told me to buy it. It was added to my book collection. And one day, I was bored and decided to read it. And fell in love with a story that is just so different…and unique. And because I refuse to destroy a hardcover, I found a paperback version and removed all the pages to get the thoughts and feelings I had for this book. It had to be something different. Just like that story.

I’ve done art journaling on some of the pages. Others I have used ribbons and clear letters to convey the illusions going on in the story. Then there are the dimensional aspects of making something 3D with the words of the pages, my favorite being the Wishing Tree… I took the pieces of art–keeping them all with the black, white and red theme of the story–and put them into the hardback so as you read the story, you experience it visually as well.

one side of the card…

the reverse side of the card

close-up of the Eiffel Tower standee

front side of the postcard

reverse side of the post card.

I was thinking that when The Night Circus art is all said and done, I’d leave it somewhere for someone to find…to read for themselves and experience it as something not done before. (Yes, I know about S by JJ Abrams now…should have worked quicker on this.)

And now it’s Divergent‘s turn. I don’t know what it is about the trilogy (Divergent, Insurgent, & Allegiant) that really just got into my head. I don’t know why I am so OBSESSED with Four/Tobias Eaton. I don’t know why I just adore everything he says. I do know, I love this book to pieces, although it doesn’t quite reflect that love yet. This is my art journal book. I’ve been underlining and doing notation like Eclipse, but I’ve also been drawing images and quotes like The Night Circus…And when it’s all said and done, I hope to have every page in color, the spine barely able to hold on, and the cover so loved and worn like a favorite sweater on a cold winter day.

choosing day – the bowls of the five factions.

There are many, many other books I have liked. Some I’ve loved. They’re even on my favorites list…but I only own one copy or they don’t evoke the need to notate, quote, image…And I can’t wait to meet the next one in this Bookish Love Life I’m living. What book will have me buying every format so I can keep one pristine, one read, and one über loved into pieces…being held together with rubber cement and rubber bands.

What books do you love beyond all others?

FOURGASM ALERT!!!— Next Tuesday…Four will be out! (Parts of the Divergent series told from Tobias’ POV!!!) I’m so dying. One week from today!

Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer
The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
Divergent – Veronica Roth

art journaling supplies:
Faber Castell water color pencils and color pencils
pens – G2, Sharpie
Stencils – Christy Tomlinson, Balzer Designs, Crafter’s Workshop
stamps – Graphic 45, Pink Paislee, CTMH, Making Memories
stamp ink – Staz On in black, red, & grey
paints – Claudine Hellmuth, Twinkling H2Os
Washi tapes – Michael’s



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Call me a rêveur…

rêveur – French noun for dreamer. Not French adjective for dreamy.

I am a dreamer. I think the majority of authors/musicians/actors/artists are. Without those dreams and imagination, stories would take you nowhere, repeating facts and random blather from your everyday life without a purpose, a deviation, something to make you hope for.

But, I am a rêveur in another sense. I am one of those people who have been enchanted by The Night Circus. (by Erin Morgenstern)
The following opinions/review/art are my own and belong to no one else.

So, I read this book a few weeks ago, and became enchanted. The characters, the story… it just kept you reading until you knew the final outcome. It left you wishing for more, although, you know there really is nothing left to say.

I would love to write like Erin Morgenstern. Her words are like poetry, her worlds imaginary grounded in realism. Just amazing.

Now, I understand that writing in her style isn’t me. I’m a talker and by association, my characters are talkers. My stories lie within the dialogue over the descriptions. I did read so many reviews (after I finished the story) and was sad to see that so many people didn’t love her descriptions. Without them, the story would have been boring or so confusing you wouldn’t know what was going on. She literally painted a picture in my mind with her words; I was almost there with them in the rings.

I know one other author (hi kiTT) who writes with such poetry… I am amazed every time I read something of hers. An honor and privilege. The writing always amazes me… and makes me a smidge jealous…

 To write like that… It’s something I dream about.

Poetic words dancing across a page, giving you the images of what is really there. Feelings and emotions that spur on the characters and you experience that through them. I know I can write. I know I can tell a compelling story (unless you all have lied to me). I know my words can bring about feelings and thoughts, but what I say never feels like it’s the poetic justice I’m looking for. Again, I think it’s a style thing and I am very comfortable in the style with which I write. I’ve been told it’s unique, and I don’t want to lose that.

What about you all? Are you settled with your style? Any advice on growing and trying out other styles of writing? Random thoughts?


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