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A story of love~ Jackson inspired Burton-ness.

Okay, I admit…I’m somewhat totally a fangirl at heart. No matter what I do, this aspect of who I am creeps into everything. Story writing is no different.

This time, it comes from being bored, avoiding a character I have a difficult time writing, and the total fangirly thing I do. I’ve been doing this #JacksonBYOB Meme on twitter and tumblr. Again, bored and fangirl. No other real excuses beyond that.

Now, mix in a story plot I had a few years ago when I first spied this picture (from the August Bradley photo shoot in July 2012) and you get a somewhat mirthless love story in the style of Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy

The photo belongs to August Bradley…the words are mine.

The Sweet and Sour Tale of Night Crawler

To J, for always giving me inspiration to do something creative.

Poor Silas Trout
had to stay in the dark.
The sun would surely burn him,
always leaving its mark.

He moved underground
just to stay unhurt.
Alone in his place,
never to revert.

One day a ball fell into his home.
Silas didn’t know what to do.
The ball in question belonged
to the girl with one shoe.

She peeked into his hole
and said, “Hi. That’s my ball.”
Silas looked at the orb in his hands
and noticed the scrawl.

Clara Belle was her name,
sweet and adorable as she.
Silas looked into her eyes,
the color of the sea.

Her smile as sweet as
the worms he had for dinner,
made him feel like
a lottery winner.

“What’s your name?” she asked.
“Silas Trout,” he said.
Her eyes glanced around his home.
“I’ll call you Night Crawler instead.”

“Would you like to play?” she asked.
“I can’t. I’ll burn and char.”
He noticed her down-turned grin.
“Maybe I will. It would be worth the scar.”

Silas carefully crawled from the hole
into the bright daylight.
His skin began to smoke.
He should have waited for twilight.

He returned to the safety
of the dark, dank hole,
coming to terms with
never being with another soul.

“Don’t worry, Night Crawler,”
Clara Belle said with tears.
“I’ll still talk to you.”
And she did for years.

Over that time,
Silas fell in love,
with now the woman
who could only live above.

Their time together
always short and sweet.
Every night at sundown
they’d secretly meet.

That one night was special
under the full moon,
they shared their first kiss
that made him swoon.

He said, “Clara Belle,
my love for you runs deep.
Every day I’m not with you,
I weep.”

“I’m asking you
this one little thing.
Please be my wife,
and let my heart sing.”

Clara Belle was shocked,
a tear slipping down her cheek
as Silas gave her a ring,
so humble and meek.

He made it for her
with roots and a rock,
so meaningful a trinket
she could only gawk.

“I know we’re destined
to live apart.
But I give this to you
from my heart.”

“Night Crawler,” she said
with a slight grin.
“I will marry you,
now our life will begin.”

They were married
in a secret ceremony.
The solemn vows taken
in holy matrimony.

They spent their honeymoon together
and not in the cave.
That one night ends with sunrise,
a Night Crawler’s grave.

Silas knew it would happen,
his solar allergy.
But when he burned,
it was far from tragedy.

For he got to experience
all that was love.
And now he smiles on Clara Belle
from Heaven above.

Thank you for reading. This story is of my own imagination and belongs to no one else. Please ask before reprinting this…I don’t mind sharing, just ask before you do.


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