Last summer (2015), I searched for a decent RomCom story–think along the lines of What’s Your Number? and Playing it Cool–I was desperate.

Then, in August, I stumbled upon this image of Chris Evans from the Gucci Guilty Black ad a few years ago–I was inspired.
He’s sitting at a bar, the bottle lining shelves along a green wall in the background, and he’s staring at what I imagined was the door and SHE was walking into his life.

And from there, the story of Charlie Everett and Violet Granger was born. It’s a tale of a lighthearted cat and mouse chase where these two star crossed lovers encounter wings in many forms–wingmen, wingwomen, and even at one point, shirtless male models in wings–one fall in New York City.

Charlie Everett wings for his best friend, paying off an old debt. Violet Granger is trying to show “Daddy” that she can make it on her own. One night of wing services, they meet and their world couldn’t be sweeter. But, like always, life and exes can break some wings. If only Charlie and Violet can overcome it all so their love can soar.

This story is told through two POVs: Charlie and Violet.

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